Saturday, July 30, 2016

Age of Information RULE BOOK RELEASE

Yep, that is right. We are stepping it up. Say hello to the print rewrite for the Age of Information. The work has been done in preparation for a small print sales release this autumn. We realize we skipped an age, but that is how things are right now.

As with the Core Rule Book there's no need to wait until printing (which will anyhow only be available in Sweden): you can go right to the download page and get it, right now. For free. No strings attached more than that if you do like it please spread the word.

Updates introduced:

  • Semi Auto Burst is now an Action and not a Full Action (actually this has been changed in the Core Rule Book, but here is where it matters).
  • A massive overhaul adding more than 100(!) pages of maps, images and a lot of background info.
  • Changed the Scope and Telescope weapon addons. Scope in the old rules is now replaced by Sight while Telescope is replaced by Scope.
  • Updated the ranges for all firearms.
  • Added several modules to the equipment section.

Downloads page updates

As part of this release the downloads page have also been updated. The old adventures available for download has been removed as they are not up to date with the updated rules (sorry). It is a future project to update them accordingly.
On the positive side though you will find a lot more maps available! Enjoy!

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