Tuesday, August 17, 2021

On the road again

 The second day of traveling is always the heaviest. You have gotten away, sat and frothed around in the cab or in a saddle all day. The body has not yet got used to the everyday comforts that life in the capital provides. Although Edward does not live a life of superfluous luxury, he still enjoys many comforts. Above all, he is very happy to have a short travel time to work. It's enough to cross the threshold and he's in his study. This study is not only an office but also a scientific laboratory. An achievement to feel proud of. It has taken many years of hard work to put together the most basic things, but now it is available. Some people, colleagues and acquaintances sometimes thought that it was borrowed equipment that for some unfathomable reason was expected to be returned. Edward found this amusing and completely misunderstood such claims. In addition, they were clearly not as talented as him, thus making the equipment more useful to him. This view of the whole thing had unfortunately led to some messy arguments.
A new lab assistant would not have been completely stupid, but competent people with the same passion as himself was elusive. So far, Hertig had to fill in as an assistant and companion in the experiments, unfortunately cats have a tendency to make a mess sometimes. Go and stroke against things they should have known enough to stay away from. The lack of a capable assistant had led Edward to learn a spell in order to be able to freely dictate a quill while he worked. This turned out to be a good choice as the pen itself had a nicer handwriting than Edward's twisted letters.
The passengers were elated and in a good mood when they heard the sound of the driver's whip fluttering in the air. The draft horses snorted a little in the cold morning air and the carriage started moving. Edward had been awake for a while the night before, contemplating the nature of the mission. It was not like Inquisitor Ramiero to be so secretive. After all, it was very important that they were given information to start investigating, otherwise it was easy to look blindly for misleading clues and incorrect clues. By all accounts, the others in the party had had time to think about the assignment after they parted the night before.
Edward leaned a little closer to Miss Leclair, who was sitting opposite him in the cab. She sat in the usual order and read a book. The book was quite thick to take on the road, but it did not seem to worry the young lady. Edward broke the silence.
"So, what are the Miss' thoughts on the mission? I lay awake last night after I turned off the light and thought about it."
Adelia looked up from the book and looked at Edward before speaking. "At the moment I have no theories with any support, but I think this is mysterious and at the same time exciting."
Edward leaned back on his side, glanced in Mr Falco's direction. He seemed immersed in his own thoughts and not in the mood to discuss the mission. Once the body and mind have found peace in being on the move, everything immediately became much easier. Even the weather got a little better. In fact, it was not so, but it was happily experienced that way. Despite the pale spring sun, the road to Karalis was empty for travelers this year. The day flowed by slowly and was largely uneventful. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Epic backstory

 Three centuries. Three centuries he had battled spirits, wrestled arcana from the long dead and maintained as much connections to the mortal realm as he could manage. And now he was asked to stand aside? Once this would have angered him, but one of the advantages of an incorporeal form, the emperor had noted, was how all feelings appeared dull and dim - as through being memories rather than actual experiences. It was probably an observation very close to the truth. No, he wasn't angry. Thinking further the feeling that actually came to his mind was relief. He had never questioned what he would do once he returned, but here was an opportunity; someone asked him to stand aside, to not take interest - to not be held responsible... Yes, there were other things to life, he knew. Perhaps it was time... But first he must settle with his past - and what remained of it in the world of the living...

Morion placed the Soul Key in the heavy lock. As he let go the mechanism started to turn on its own - and at the same time his protective spells suffered an assault that would definitely have slayed a less-prepared character, but his time in Damasa had helped him think like a wizard. The seal was broken. Now to head for the actual resting place...

The emperor blinked, but it mattered little in the darkness. Feelings came rushing to his head and his first breath in 300 years felt like sharp needles throughout his body. He tried to summon light, but his powers felt drained, distant... it felt like forever before one of the crystals sparked to life and illuminated the old chamber. He was naked and rather cold, so hurriedly he donned the amulets and other artifacts layed out around the casket. Then, using one of the wands he reached into a pocket dimension and produced a set of clothes. Nothing to fancy; simple yet elegant. His head spun slightly - the thought of food came to his mind like a long forgotten, not entirely welcomed, old friend. The next few hours were going to be unpleasant.
"Feeling alright?"
The voice came from the other side of the locked iron gate. As the emperor turned around he saw the same young man he had once seen back in his palace - so many years ago.
"You haven't aged a day. I'm impressed."
"Yes, it has its advantages."
"So what now?"
"You have a promise to fulfil. And a country to save, I believe."
The emperor stared hard at the man in the doorway. Oh, the feelings, now that he had them back again. Envy. Admiration. Fear. He was surprised over them; he had not realized this was how he had been.
"You take a great risk in releasing me, you know that."
"Your enemies are not as spry as they once were. And neither are you."
"I will recover quickly."
"I know you will. But I also know what its like to return from the dead after so many years."
The emperor raised one eyebrow.
"So you succeeded at last?"
"Yes. Yes, I did."
"And you still love each other?"
"Very much."
There was silence for a moment.
"When we first met you were but a young man. I found your wishes foolish then and expected them to mature with age. But here we are again, and I think it is I who look the fool. I will remember this lesson well. And I will honor my promise - if I can have but one request."
"I wish to meet your friend. Just see her; to speak to her. It would seem we both owe her a great deal."
Morion smiled.
"It shall be my pleasure - tough expect no kind words for a start."
"I will not - though I will strive to deserve them. What a curious turn of events..."

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Ambush

Dead. They were all dead and there had been nothing that she could have done. She stumbled on, trying to make headway but the vegetation from the forest made formidable resistance. Katsume and Katashi had charged forward and they had died swiftly as their bold attacks had met swift counterattacks from the raging orcs. Kuma looked around, calling out for Tsume and Kiken to join her in her escape from the slaughter. She remembered back to the fighting again. Seeing her friends being butchered like cattle by the large, unwieldy but overwhelming force of the orcs. She had to get out of there, there had been nothing she could have changed and she would not have Tsume's and Kiken's lives lost on account of some southerner’s toy sword.

The forest was thick with bushes and fallen sticks. She ran. Ran away from the echoes of the battle, away from her dead friends and away from the mission. She called for her companions and listened for their answers. They were quick, if she could make the escape, so could they. But she had to know if they were back there. She turned to look and that was all it took. One extra glance away from the ground and she tripped. The forest floor came rushing towards her. The impact pressed what little air she had left in her lungs out and she was left lying there, gasping for air. 

Kuma laid there gasping for air. Feeling the aching in here tired muscles, the pulsating pain from the neck wound and the sore hip where the axe had tried to bite in. She thought of here babies, Tsume and Kiken. She hoped they had found a way out of there. She thought of Katsume and Katashi and the rest of the pack. And before she stood up she spared one thought to the fallen comrades from the asiatsu commando. She was the only one left of them and she could not die. They had taken a job and it had just gotten a whole lot messier.

Monday, June 21, 2021

A Word about Honor

 "What do you mean by allowing soldier Davina to duel, Sir Richard?" said Sir Michael, with a hint of irritation in his voice.
"Even if I have the highest respect for her will to defend her honor, there’s a lot more on stake here! If that guard had been seriously injured or worse it could have had serious consequences for our quest."
"It was no longer our descision to make Sir Michael, the challenge had already been accepted. I deemed the best to be Davinas second in the duel, so to see that all went according to law, and to keep the Honor of the order and herself. You don't back down from a duel once it's been accepted." said Sir Richard, trying to keep his calm but faltered in doing so...
"But you went against my orders to Davina Sir Richard!" Sir Michael answer with a raised and irritated voice. "I ordered her not to duel!" he added, noticeably dissaproving of Sir Richards decision and behaviour.
"An order, Sir Michael, that could have been given before she accepted the challenge, which she had done before we could arrive, and therefore..."
Sir Michael was leaving the room irritated and with heavy footsteps, trying to ignore Sir Richard, in the same way as Sir Richard had ignored his orders to Davina.
"Sir Michael! SIR MICHAEL!" Sir Richard almost bellowed, in a raised and angry voice, following Sir Michael out of the room towards the common room...

Sunday, May 23, 2021

I'm not a scout but...

Finally back in civilization again! Of course there is a lot of traveling working for the Duke of Ardborg, but it's always nice to come home. And also a very good place to start looking for orcs, or rather the ones buying the orcs for raids. 

-Good thing I know just where to start looking, he thought, and went outside the city's walls..

It would have been a rather straight forward meeting if it had not been for his company, the asiatsu warrior. Them soldiers always seem to find a way to stir up action when you least suspect it. Too bad she killed them all, interrogation could have brought something useful out of them..

Daniel was feeling confident later that night. A good days work with several leads, one of them being that lost tracker in the nearby forest. 

Too bad he had to go there himself, but he could not trust this mission to anyone else...

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Artifact

The once abandoned tunnels was buzzing with activity people, vehicles, horses and different equipment was everywhere and all was monitored by a figure in dark robes holding a long staff. No one said anything all knew what to do, the location of the object had been the easy part, removing it intact was the hard part.
Wizards and engineers alike worked side by side combining both magic and science it was the best of Damasa at once, to bad the mission was top secret so no one outside would ever know. Vespian watched in silence as the object slowly was moved up towards the exit of the catacombs, he didn’t really like dressing up like this but he needed to keep as low profile as possible. Not that anyone would dare question him, he was a member of the war cabinet after all, but still he was using national resources for his own gain.
Then it did not matter how much he tried to convince himself otherwise. It had just been a to good opportunity to miss and you did not really say no to her, just the thought of her sent chills down his spine.
Some time later the object had been safely moved outside and carefully loaded on a waiting transport, as on a given signal a small group appeared as out of nowhere. Alarmed some of Vespian soldiers draw their guns but he quickly shouted orders to stand down, the last he needed was a provocation. One on the figures approached him with a confident poise, despite being heavily outnumbered. Vespian however knew better. “Well, well, well, the little magos hold his promise, who would have guessed? I must say you do find new ways to surprise me”, the voice could turn the blood to ice in even the bravest of men. But Vespian controlled his feelings, he had always been good at that when needed, despite others opinion on the matter. “ Glad that I still can do that, I take that as a compliment...”.
Carahil just gave him one of those smiles a hungry wolf would give to a corned prey. She then gave some orders and her men took over the transport that slowly started to move.
“Your colleges won’t mind that you’re assisting me?” Her voice was just a little teasing. “They’re not here are they? He tried keeping the bitterness out of his voice. He did not really blame them. They were no fighters, still during the revolution it had been all for Damasa and now when their country needed them the most they weren’t here.
“No, they are not, which simplified things for me”.
She was quiet for a while before speaking again.
“I must say I was a little surprised you didn’t tried to claim it for yourselves back then or at least tried to negotiate a deal with me.”
Vespian took his time before answering.
“It doesn’t interest me enough to make it worth the effort”.
“Pity, I would have enjoyed it.”
Vespian choose not to comment on that.
Then without saying anything Carahil started to move, but stopped for a second, and turned her head slightly.
“Better get moving. I owe you a favor, use it wisely... little magos.”
And then she was gone.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021


In the rulebooks of Centuria the world beyond Umarald is touched upon but never visited in great detail. There has been forays into these realms, however, and one of the fundamental questions asked is

How does a magical world advance?

As Umarald is the birthplace of science and technology as we would recognize it, this implies the rest of Aladron has advanced in a different fashion: technomagics. Technological advancement not driven by science but by magics. 

Below follows a summary of the various types of technomagics that can be found in Aladron, outside of Umarald. 


Basically aeromancy artifacts are used to power various machinery. Civilizations that have developed aeromechanics can use this to power aircrafts, manufactories and even improve agriculture through weather manipulation. The main drawback compared to a scientific approach is that aeromechanics does not help solve issues with material limitations or provide knowledge in fields like aerodynamics or meteorology. Aeromechanics are used by the plains nations of Kamrak on the continent of Thamal.  


Basically hydromancy artifacts are used to power various machinery. Civilizations that have developed aquamechanics can use this to power manufactories and provide for transport, sanitation and much else. It can also be used to turn very arid areas habitable, though casting of hydromancy spells are more difficult in such regions. The main drawback compared to a scientific approach is that aquamechanics does not help solve issues with material limitations or provide knowledge in fields like mechanics or construction. Aquamechanics is the most wide-spread type of techomagic and has been developed in Managara, Anaku and Zhizni, Amara independently and then spread both east and west. 


Daemonmechanics is a very versatile technomagic that imbues various artifacts with spellcasting demons that provide power. Civilizations that have developed daemonmechanics can use this to power golems, manufactories as well as various crafts on both land, sea and air. The main drawback is obviously the danger involved in using such dangerous magics on a large scale. The ability to design demonic commands to successfully bind the demons to the desired artifacts also limits the possibilities. Daemonmechanics have been developed semi-independently in the regions of  Allhamar and Caratha in Anaku - both places which does not solely rely on this approach but other technomagics as well.


Divination magic is used to further scientific knowledge. This is the type of technomagic which most resembles the scientific process found in Umarald, but it differs in that knowledge gained through divination is very contextual and it can often be difficult to understand the underlying principles behind the knowledge gained. While divinotech can yield advances in any field it is deeply dependent on magical research and the knowledge gaps it creates makes synergy effects between different projects rare. Divinotech has been developed in the region of Khumbakkla where it is however becoming less potent as age-old artifacts and processes are not fully understood by current generations and thus cannot be utilized to their full potential.


Evocation artifacts are used to provide power sources, quite similar to electric engines. These can in turn be used to power factories, electric light, vehicles and weapons. Its main limitation is that it is in practice little more than a battery technology; while it provides the energy good scientific understanding is still required to put it to good use. Evomechanics has been developed in the empires of Khizan, Amara where it is used alongside vigotech. 


Basically geomancy artifacts are used to power various machinery and golems. Civilizations that have developed geomechanics can use this to power manufactories and golems and even for large scale terraforming, such as tunneling. The main drawback compared to a scientific approach is that geomechanics does not help solve issues with material limitations or provide knowledge in fields like mechanics or construction and that it requires rather homogenous terrain to work well. Geomechanics has been developed in the Seven Lakes region of Thamal. 


Imperiotech utilizes illusion magic mainly to control animals and to some extent people and can also help improve agriculture through light magics. Controlling various animals help to improve transportation, agriculture, construction work and much else but is limited to the capabilities of the animals and their handlers. It does not provide power directly and doesn't drive technological advancement in other areas. Imperiotech has been developed in Riddersmar in Thamal.


Harnessing the powers of necromancy, necrotech provide power through an undead workforce - but nothing as simple as merely raising a horde of zombies. Instead, undead creatures are designed and crafted for particular purposes at which they excel. Apart from manufacturing capabilities this can also be used to construct necrocomputers, necroviruses and, perhaps a bit surprisingly, various medical treatments. The main drawback of this type of technomagic is that is horrendously dangerous, but further drawbacks include relying on a supply of corpses, only driving limited scientific understanding and that the ability to design and command undead limits its applications. Necrotech has been developed by the Nakrath in Osigath, Amara, but is seen as evil by all its neighbors which tires to prevent the practices from spreading.


Spirit magic is used to imbue artifacts with spirits. The spirits can then continue to act as advisors, preventing loss of knowledge and providing an almost endless number of thinkers and philosophers. Beyond this, a deep understanding of the Spirit Realm allows construction of portals which can be used for transportation. With the right conditions, the Spirit Realm itself can also act as a place for recreation. The main drawback of this type of technomagic is that it doesn't provide a power source and that an ever-increasing number of ancient advisors not always help drive society forward. It has been developed by the Valerygiath of Osigath, Amara. 


Basically pyromancy artifacts are used to power various machinery. Civilizations that have developed pyromechanics can use this to power various vehicles, weaponry and manufactories.  The main drawback compared to a scientific approach is that pyromechanics does not help solve issues with material limitations or provide knowledge in fields like mechanics or ballistics. Pyromechanics were developed in Thessia and was inspired by the developments in Umarald. It has since spread to Caratha, Anaku as well. 


Enchantment artifacts are used on a large scale to provide improved materials and tools. It is an iterative process where the improved tools and materials can be used to create yet more improved tools and materials and so on. It is however not an approach that provides means for mass production nor reduce the need for manual labor. Regomechanics have been developed in the various nations found in Kyngaard and Varangaard, Thamal. 


Enchantment artifacts are used to provide power sources, driven by pure magic. These can in turn be used to power factories and vehicles. Its main limitation is that it is in practice little more than a battery technology; while it provides the energy good scientific understanding is still required to put it to good use. Also, using enchantment magic to provide power requires very advanced magical skill. Regotech has been developed in the region of Farreich, Thamal. 


In Vigotech, biomancy is applied to create various organic materials and even to design new forms of life. The latter is usually achieved by taking an existing species and then transforming it for desired effects (such as making it docile and able to be handled by humans). Vigotech allows for replacing a multitude of metals and other hard-to-come-by materials with cultivated crops. It can also be used to develop medicines and even biomodification. Vigotech is a powerful technomagic as it utilizes the already complex biological machinery found in life. Its main drawback is that any new developments take a very long time if potentially devastating side-effects are to be avoided. Vigotech has been developed in the empires of Khizan, Amara from where its usage has spread to Allhamar, Anaku.