Saturday, June 27, 2020

Serious production

Going through the Age of Information rulebook I noticed some inconsistencies in the Commerce chapter (p 232) regarding commodity quantities, basically turning most production facilities into horrible investments due to much smaller production than maintenance costs. This has thus been rectified and an updated version is available on the download page.

Saturday, June 13, 2020


Its been a quiet year on this blog so far, so here's breaking the silence.

The CG3 character generator has been moved to MS Azure and is now available at The old address will probably work for a while longer though characters created there might not be migrated to the new site (current Dagger's Watch residents have already been migrated).

There's also some plotting for LinCon 2021 going on, but don't expect any updates on that for a while.

With all rule books now available in print that is certainly a milestone worth mentioning. While there are adventures and campaigns being written and played there currently aren't any plans for new text material - though I know for experience these things can shift fast when I get an idea into my head...

So for now Centuria lives on mostly in the way it was intended to be: played, with friends. Thanks to technology we can continue our journey - currently exploring the workings of the Gothic Inqusition from within.

So happy playing everyone and keep safe! Centuria will be back with at least a few campaign descriptions this year and then we'll just see what comes along.