Friday, June 7, 2024

LinCon 2024


A little late for any commercial purposes, I can at least note we did show up at LinCon 2024 as well. 

The players take on the roles of heavy combators who are sent to lands outside of the Union on a clean-up operation. A spacecraft crash landed at the site 4 years prio but recent readings suggest some technical equipment might have survived. Additional scans have revealed that parts of the crashed ship have been moved. Crash data makes it unlikely any crewmembers survived, so expectation is this is the work of locals. Thus the characters' mission is to track down and destroy the missing parts of the ship. 

As is becoming a habit in our LinCon adventures, the adventure was played as a scenario for two groups, partially interacting with each other. Each got to land and encounter various challenges in a partially radiated wasteland. In the end, the groups met at the old crash site only to discover a working AI which tried to bribe them into cooperation.

With three different sessions the adventure had an equal number of different outcomes. In one of the groups, a lone operative made a deal with the AI and released it in return for a life in luxury. In another, there was a brief fight among the combators before the AI was promptly destroyed. In the last group, the AI was saved but contained and handed over to Union authorities for analysis. 

As always, LinCon is a fun experience and we will see what we can conjure up for next year...