Friday, May 30, 2014

LinCon - day 2

Second day at LinCon finished early due to illness, but one more adventure got played through: the Fringe Bounty.

While working on recovering for tomorrow's two booked adventures, the Fringe Bounty is now available for download from the downloads page.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

LinCon - day 1

First day at LinCon has passed and Centuria was there to premiere with the adventure The Killswitch, which was played for the first time. A good performance by the players and a happy, but somewhat hoarse, GM went home to recharge his batteries (and speaking capabilities) for tomorrow's two adventures.

The Killswitch can now be downloaded from the downloads page.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 23

The seneschals Horacio and Ignatia, accompanied by Sarissa, Maladir and the newly freed Nehana and Umbarion, begin the journey towards the Imperial capital. Seneschals Charon and Thriatos, however, remain in Lao-Din to await the arrival of the mirror keeper from Sunn. Time is spent digging through the house's library and the notes gathered at Karachen's castle, along with writing a report on the situation for consul Seneca, portraying their view of the events which took place. Eventually the mirror keeper arrive and the two mages fast travel to the Sunn after arranging a paid escort to deliver their research material to their manor outside the capital.

In Sunn's wizard house Somari Charon and Thriatos are met by grandmaster Fal-Adar who ensures the two seneschals that everything is in order. While initially skeptical they launch an investigation only to discover that Somari appears to be a calm house with very busy and largely private mages. Their most thrilling discovery is instead the large observatory within the local palace, in which they manage to arrange a visit. Managed by a group of mages from the Somari the observatory offers a very scientific view of the world in general and magic in particular. The visit takes up much of the day for both mages.
The following day the seneschals gain a meeting with the local dux who appear to be a very worldly character. The meeting is pleasant until the two manage to anger the noble with their direct questions and hints about trouble in the city and the two hurriedly apologize and leave, deciding to continue to the city of Godara right away.

In Godara the two are greeted by the talkative grandmaster Gonam Davos, who quickly summarize the situation where the house's economy has suffered from the current events - mainly due to an increase in piracy due to the absense of the Imperial fleet.
After their meeting Charon is interested in investigating the rest of the city while Thriatos head to the library to seek out other mages of the house.

In the docks the words of the grandmaster is confirmed by the many unemployed sailors. Trailing off to the local arena the seneschal finds it a lot more crowded, as the unrest leaves no shortage of gladiators for entertainment.

Meanwhile Thriatos comes to the conclusion that the mages of Godara is equal part merchants as wizards and many are away travelling or busy outside the house. He does however manage to get a meeting with the famous alchemist Leddam Kensh who reside within the house.

As they meet up later in the evening they reason they have gathered what they need to return their report to Seneca. The consul replies with kinder words than they are used to but also that he wants them to prepare for a hearing before the Mages' Council in a week's time.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 22

As the current battle is over, the group decide they must quickly find Karachen before he can recover. They begin to search the house while Thriatos remain behind to investigate any magical traces.

Walking right into a magical trap and barely succeeding with closing the main doors for an advancing undead horde, they all proceed with caution within the manor. Charon believes himself to have located Karachen behind a heavy door and Nehana confirms that it is the mage's bedroom. The door is however magically reinforced and weapons seem to have little effect. Adding to the graveness of the situation they can hear Karachen begin some kind of ritual on the other side. While Charon, Thriatos and Sarissa battle the door with magic Ignatia discovers a group of undead attempting to open the main doors from inside. Together with Maladir and Horacio she manages to destroy them before they succeed.

As the door refuses to give, Maladir explores the castle in search for anything useful. He discover their missing guide dead along with three other corpses in the cellars. The idea to search the castle however dawns on the others as well and the mages manage to find a powerful dispel ritual in the library. They hurry back with the hope of completing their magic before Karachen does.

The ritual is completed but the door remains. Nehana then prove to possess unexpected powers as she erodes part of the door with her hands. Horacio bravely marsch first through the door and is attacked by a familiar. Maladir hurry to his aid while Charon attempt to get past, but as Thriatos manage to banish the demon they disrupt Karachen's ritual and before their eyes the mage is pulled screaming into a demonic portal, which closes.

After a moment gathering their wits the group engage in what could diplomatically be described as "securing resources". Except from his personal belongings they break into and empties the mage's treasury along with the library and laboratory. The lesser undead remaining on the estate no longer pose much of a threat and they negotiate with Karachen's revenant servants concerning their future. They eventually agree to join the seneschals as their servants.

As the group return to Lao-Din they are greated by Kanadir who lets them know he has sent for the mirror keeper of Sunn to aid the seneschals on their journey. He also officially declare them all as honorary members of his house and can thereby open the doors to the house's library and other facilities.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 21

The fire has broken out in Femala's room but is quickly subdued before it can cause much damage to the building as a whole, but most of the room's interior is still beyond repair. As the group survey the room a mage arrive to tell them that Femala has travelled to the city gate by magic and been seen leaving on a camel, travelling south across the river. The group finds itself reluctantly forced to hunt down Femala as Kanadir sees this as a way for him to officially welcome them as friends of the house.

While Kanadir sees to that supplies are assembled they all go through the surviving documents in Femala's room, which point to Connections with both the governor and former archmage Karachen.

The following day they are given a guide and head south, following the road until they find a sidetrack heading east. The guide says a haunted castle lies at the end and the seneschals find the situation foreboding. Despite their reluctancy they realize they will have to investigate the castle.

Following the road they eventually find an apparently abandoned old castle which they approach carefully, but eventually encounter a guard at the gate who informs them that they are expected. Highly suspicious they allow themselves to be shown into the castle and soon become aware that the few servants, including the gate guard, are all greater undead. But everything remains civilized and given food and drink the party encounters a small girl by the name of Nehana who offers to take them to the lord of the castle: Karachen.
Karachen appears a bit annoyed as they arrive, apparently not expecting to see them until later. He still manage a short conversation during which his obliviousness to the world arround him becomes quite apparent. The group stress that they have no interest in getting involved in his affairs and only seek Femala he offers to take them to her. Unfortunately she is found to be dead, heavily mutilated after severe torture. After the chilling discovery Karachen have his servants take them all to their quarters, which have been prepared. Left alone they immediately start planning their escape, but Nehana shows up and informs them that Karachen has had the gates closed and is in no mood to let them leave. She offers to help in return for the group taking her with them, along with another man being held prisoner in the castle. The seneschals are quick to accept her offer.

As they head towards the dungeons to free Nehana's friend they encounter a demon. While bound to Karachen's service, he is not very fond of his master and offer to help them if they manage to slay Karachen. They agree and Thriatos manage to free the demon from its bond and they hurry to face the archmage as not to give him time to prepare.

They find him in the castle library and while surprised at their arrival, Karachen summons a number of servants which surround the party in the corridor outside the library. Maladir struggle to defend their backs while the seneschals and Sarissa battle with Karachen. Nehana also arrive by a secret entrance but before they can defeat him, Karachen teleports away to somewhere else within the castle.