Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Age of Steel - Demo print

The order just went to the printworks for 15 demo exes of the core rules for Centuria - Age of Steel. Its a big step for me personally  on a hopefully long road of letting this project grow.

Delivery should be within less than 2 weeks time.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Map: Age of Information

Though a lot of work remains to be completed, a teaser for the Age of Information is added in the form of the very first compiled map of the age.

Full resolution image can be downloaded from the downloads page.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Characters: Consul Quadrata

The members of the Council of Mages, leaders of the Empire's mages, are known as consuls. The position requires political savy as well as magical skill but the power and prestige granted is a lure for many. There are nine consuls in total, with a tenth chair reserved in the Council's circle for the Emperor himself.

Quadrata has had a hard struggle to reach her post within the Mage council. Firstly she is a rather unconventional magician who rely more on strength and physique than knowledge and prowess. Secondly, her looks has always worked against her, being far from anything that could be described as beautiful. All this has turned her rather bitter and she is now struggling to maintain the power she has achieved. She often finds it difficult to pick sides in the internal power struggle of the council and her attempts to always be on the winning side has not made many friends among the other councilors.

Quadrata is highly suspicious towards human servants. She has a lifeguard consisting of four earth elementals of the third rank. Her servants are animated skeletons and she is said to consort with a number of demons of low and middle rank.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Characters: Mondus Cicurinus

The highest position attainable within the Imperial administration is that of mondus; governor of an entire province. A mondus however do not rely on the Imperial administration to manage a province but rather must control the existent structure of that province. Needless to say those that attain this position are not only skilled and powerful but also well connected in the province that they serve.

Cicurinus has a long background in the Imperial administration and it is through hard work he has achieved his position as mondus of Pantoria. He speaks openly about his belief that the ancient traditions of the Empire has led to stagnation, nepotism and corruption.

Before his career within the Imperial administration Cicurinus was a promising mage but he was disgusted by the wizard politics and sought a different career. Within the administration he discovered things were not much better and it is now his firm belief that a revolution is necessary to restore justice and order. Born and raised in Pantoria, he is more than familiar with the political climate of the province and has been able to construct a stable alliance able to resist imperial occupation.

Cicurinus is a rather popular leader in Pantoria, the most powerful and wealthy of the Empire’s domains. With most of the province’s nobility supporting his goals his position is rather unthreatened. With a loyal guard of exiled Tumapec warriors it is also most difficult for those that do oppose him to gain a foothold in his court. Beside these fearsome warriors he also has a group of undead ultors serving his will – a force specialized in tracking traitors and thus ensuring his continued rule.

Part of Age of Steel: Characters.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Governors, Generals and Merchants

Not all characters are adventurers; characters who's strength are not in their blade or in their magic but in their wealth and influence.

Such characters has responsibilities which cannot, or at least should not, be entirely ignored. Land requires management, as does soldiers and merchant enterprises. The Governor Expansion contains rules for large scale trading, land revenues and army campaigns. It does not, however, wander away from roleplaying – merely filling in the gaps between where the roleplaying should take place.
Download it from the Downloads page.


Characters: Killian Drake

The semi-successful adventurer Killian Drake is a famous character on the northern continent. A dashing man not too skilled at hiding excitement or disappointment, Killian has moved into his early thirties but show no intent of quitting his chosen career. Well-travelled and well-spoken the quests he has undertaken has all been stories with two sides: on one side he was the one who found the treasure of the abandoned orcish temple in Erwodol, but on the other he was also the one who discovered that the temple wasn’t abandoned and that some things that lurks in darkness are best left alone.

However, due to his quite astonishing skill of persuasion and twisting a story he is in no short supply of work and his persona is surrounded by glorious tales of adventure and treasures. Only a few malicious rumors, started by ex-companions (they don’t seem to stay for long), hint at a different truth. Killian is not too happy discussing such things but would never lose his face over a simple conversation. He was last known to leave on the adventure to search for the lost dwarven city of Ulmaar. Those that know him agree he will likely find it, along with the horrors most certainly awaiting him inside.

Part of Age of Steel: Characters.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Characters: Praetor Iullus

The members of the Lord's Council, generals of the Imperial army, are known as Praetors. The position requires not only military skill but also sufficient personal resources as a Praetor is expected to cover some of the expenses of the army from his or her personal coffins. The post however conveys much political power and a chance for both fame and glory leading the Imperial legions.

Iullus is skillful general with experience from a number of campaigns dealing with local warlords and trollfolk in the southern reaches of the Emhan Sea. Exceptionally young for a man of his standing, Iullus inherited his post after his father who was allegedly killed by a Tumapec arrow during a campaign. Holding the post of Prefect at the time, he quickly grasped the empty seat and due to his charisma and reputation for personal bravery was quickly accepted by the legions. This ability to seize political opportunities has been a hallmark in Iullus career and he has been praised for his good results defending the Empire.

As Praetor, Iullus commands two full legions with a total strength of 10’000 soldiers, with the bulk being heavy infantry. A vast horde of camp followers and the large Marculus family estate has also provided him with additional resources.

Iullus latest move has earned him less praise as he, on his own accord, confiscated the Imperial navy and set sail for the province of Ossaria to quell the increasing numbers of corsairs. As an illegitimate invasion of the province could spark a civil war the Lord’s Council initially supported his actions with the hope of putting Iullus on trial upon his return. The young Praetor however managed to convince his army – and more importantly the navy – to stay put in Ossaria and set up his own administration replacing that of previous Ossarian governor Agricola Venakh.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Characters: Emperor Cenom

Though raised to the throne, Cenom is a new player on the political scene of the Empire. He has been seated on the Grand Throne for three years and although an inspirational leader to the people most of his experienced advisors view him as a puppet ruler, a front for their own power. This state of affairs has been difficult for Cenom to accept and he has been forced to put his hope in the hands of the people to restore power to him. He stays out of politics as far as able and is focusing on the health and welfare of the imperial citizens. While this has granted him much praise it has given him few allies among the powerful.

As Emperor, Cenom rules over millions of people. The Imperial administration is formally at his command along with the legions and provincial garrisons. His personal body guard is made up of a corps of Menokhian griffon riders and his servants are too numerous to assemble on the grand plaza of the capital city Amoros. However, beyond his palace there are too many powerful people with influence over his assets and those held as loyal by the emperor himself is far fewer in numbers.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Characters: Consul Seneca

The members of the Council of Mages, leaders of the Empire's mages, are known as consuls. The position requires political savy as well as magical skill but the power and prestige granted is a lure for many. There are nine consuls in total, with a tenth chair reserved in the Council's circle for the Emperor himself.

Seneca is an experienced politician who has been one of the Empire’s prominent citizens for a long time. Many see him as aspiring and ambitious, but without doubt the Empire needs such men as long as they remain loyal. And Seneca’s loyalty is rarely in question – to him he is the Empire. Long ago he was a skillful battlemage and he is most skilled at biomancy and enchantment. When his body could no longer perform the feats of its youth he instead focused on abjuration and evocation. Seneca always requires things to be done in his way and he loves to outdo his fellow consuls. To this end he often keeps the other consuls blind as to his plans, which has gained him many enemies over the years. But his popularity with the emperor along with his warrior past means he is no foe to be taken lightly.

Seneca prefers to surround himself with the best of the best as this associates their fame with him. He has a very extensive network of spies, a private army of around two hundred mercenaries and several mages working as his protégés. But with all the strong willed people in his entourage Seneca is less in command than what he knows.


Age of Steel: Characters

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