Saturday, October 5, 2013

Characters: Emperor Cenom

Though raised to the throne, Cenom is a new player on the political scene of the Empire. He has been seated on the Grand Throne for three years and although an inspirational leader to the people most of his experienced advisors view him as a puppet ruler, a front for their own power. This state of affairs has been difficult for Cenom to accept and he has been forced to put his hope in the hands of the people to restore power to him. He stays out of politics as far as able and is focusing on the health and welfare of the imperial citizens. While this has granted him much praise it has given him few allies among the powerful.

As Emperor, Cenom rules over millions of people. The Imperial administration is formally at his command along with the legions and provincial garrisons. His personal body guard is made up of a corps of Menokhian griffon riders and his servants are too numerous to assemble on the grand plaza of the capital city Amoros. However, beyond his palace there are too many powerful people with influence over his assets and those held as loyal by the emperor himself is far fewer in numbers.


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