Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Characters: Mondus Cicurinus

The highest position attainable within the Imperial administration is that of mondus; governor of an entire province. A mondus however do not rely on the Imperial administration to manage a province but rather must control the existent structure of that province. Needless to say those that attain this position are not only skilled and powerful but also well connected in the province that they serve.

Cicurinus has a long background in the Imperial administration and it is through hard work he has achieved his position as mondus of Pantoria. He speaks openly about his belief that the ancient traditions of the Empire has led to stagnation, nepotism and corruption.

Before his career within the Imperial administration Cicurinus was a promising mage but he was disgusted by the wizard politics and sought a different career. Within the administration he discovered things were not much better and it is now his firm belief that a revolution is necessary to restore justice and order. Born and raised in Pantoria, he is more than familiar with the political climate of the province and has been able to construct a stable alliance able to resist imperial occupation.

Cicurinus is a rather popular leader in Pantoria, the most powerful and wealthy of the Empire’s domains. With most of the province’s nobility supporting his goals his position is rather unthreatened. With a loyal guard of exiled Tumapec warriors it is also most difficult for those that do oppose him to gain a foothold in his court. Beside these fearsome warriors he also has a group of undead ultors serving his will – a force specialized in tracking traitors and thus ensuring his continued rule.

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