Friday, December 30, 2016

Adventures: Age of Steel

Print order for the revised Core Rule Book is drawing near so I thought I'd post some pre-written adventures for the Age of Steel!

First out is The Blood Maze, which is set in the northern country of Gwendellor. Here the players take on the roles as novices in the Order of the Falcon, preparing for a final test to earn full membership status in the order.

A rather classical dungeon-crawl it is intended to be played through in about 4 hours. It comes with prewritten characters but if a GM and players prefer to make their own the rest of the adventure will still work fine. The adventure can even work as a introduction to a longer campaign (though there are some plot twists the GM should consider beforehand if that is the case).

Characters, adventure description and maps (zip-file) can be downloaded here (3742 kB).

There is also a follow-up adventure called 'Adventurers All' which can be downloaded as a PDF (876 kB).

The second adventure is a war campaign scenario called The Commanders. The players will assume the roles as commanders in the Imperial Army which are given the task to quell a rebellion in the Imperial province of Pantoria.

The adventure contains a good deal of custom mechanics to aid the GM with abstracting the technical details. So as a GM it is a good idea to read it a couple of times before playing to get the idea - and perhaps skip some parts if they seem needlessly complicated.

The adventure itself is intended to be more political than strategic with each character given a secret set of goals to strive for. The adventure can be downloaded as a ZIP folder (4362 kB).

Friday, December 16, 2016

Kragor the Merc: A Way In, A Way Out

All in all its a fucked-up world. I don't know where to begin; the last few hours have just been insane.

So... did I mention I negotiated my first business agreement from an improvised medrack wearing no pants? Can't say it went according to plan because I didn't have a plan. This corp guy, calling himself "Sam", had shown up with no warning or invitation. Cocky and confident and damn near suicidal in pointing out how much we needed him. Somehow I wanted the world to know that this half-orc is on the edge now - push him and something big is going to happen. But another part of me cut in and did what it was supposed to do: get a job. So, long story short, Sam offered to clean up our records in return for a small favor, which was to take a job as escort but then track the final destination of one of those secret GERO transports. He talked about being a little morally flexible - but I couldn't see what the fuck he meant by that. As far as I could tell it looked like we could do the job for GERO and then get about our second task. No contract broken so no moral problem. We took his offer.

Erza and Juron showed up a while later with visible patching done by Rosina. Me, I was still laying half naked with Ed working on getting shrapnel out of my butt. There were questions but I hadn't got the strength for any more talk until that surgery was done. It would be a long night.

Once finally done it was very late, but I'd rather talk things through now than later - much owing to the fact that lying down wasn't the least bit tempting but I was still very tired and needed something to keep me awake. Grandpa's soup could only do so much. We talked for a while, first about what had happened and then about what was going to happen, or at least what we thought was. Ed also shared a note Angeline apparently had left in his pocket at some point. It seemed her sacrifice was more of a suicide. I couldn't make head or tail of it - why would she go through all this shit only to then kill herself? In the end we didn't find any answers to anything really, apart from that we'd do Sam's job and then take it from there. It felt strangely good to get it out though.

As Sam had predicted GERO turned up with a short-notice offer on an escort job. We did get premium payment so if we could only finish our little side quest it seemed as we could be getting back into the game after all. There isn't much details I'd care to share - but we managed to do everything which were required.

Payment in hand we returned to Freelance only to learn Elizah was heading out. For what purpose or how long she didn't say. So the future remains uncertain - that's the only thing I remain certain about.