Monday, June 23, 2014

Dwarfs, Elves and more - Character Generator updated

The character generator found at has been updated to allow creation of dwarven, elven, gnomish and orcish characters - as well as Avarai and Waipuku human characters.

Also including a few bug & layout fixes, the update adds a few new careers and martial arts realted to the new etnicities.

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 27

Unknown to the seneschals war has now broken out in the east as Pantoria has declared itself independent from the Empire. As the Imperial fleet is still locked down in Ossaria, Imperial legionnaires are marching to quell the rebels before they can gain control over the coastal city of Godara. 

Kaeso and Geb is enjoying a silent breakfast as seneschal Ignatia, together with tracker Awhero, arrives - looking for Horacio. As they do not know where he is Ignatia offers them to work for her and consul Quadrata, who wishes them to accompany the army travelling towards the Pantorian border. As for further details Ignatia explains they must remain secret until they have crossed the border. Short on money the two accept and depart within a few hours, leaving only a short note to the seneschals thanking them for their hospitality.

The journey with the army is uneventful and after joining with more troops in Thelamia they approach hostile territory and come under the watching gaze of Tumapec tribesmen whose loyality is uncertain. Ignatia decides it is time to share their mission: to circumvent the warzone and head towards eastern Pantoria where another graveyard city is supposed to exist. There she hopes to find a secret passageway to the east where consul Seneca has apparently ventured. Although there seems to be more to the story the others choose not to press the matter, delaying such questions until later. Instead they face a difficult task in leaving the army unnoticed - and preferably avoiding the Tumapec.

As evening approaches no plan has been devised and Ignatia is growing restless as news of a hostile army approaching spreads in the camp. But trouble is much closer than it seems; at night the Tumapec attack with fire arrows causing confusion and a few casualties. Awhero and Geb accidentaly notice that some of the army scouts have ventured into the officers' camp and decide to investigate. They however find themselves in the middle of a fight as the scouts attempt to assassinate the general. Managing to kill or distract several of the assassins long enough for reinforcements to arrive, the general is wounded but alive. After having been healed by the army's mages he calls the group to his tent. Offering a reward for their aid Ignatia negotiates for them to leave the army instead. The general agree and also provide them with provisions and arrange for them to leave together with his scouts in the early morning, thus drawing less attention. Satisfied with this arrangement they return to their tents and begin packing.

The following morning they leave camp and separate from the scouts by heading east. To avoid the tumapec they travel all night to put as much distance between themselves and the camp as possible. But their efforts are in vane as they awake to discover a dussin tribals closing in from afar. As their are not especially good riders they realize they will soon be caught - but Awhero saves the day by putting fire to the grass, creating an impenetrable wall to allow them to escape.

A few days later they reach the town of Bamun in northern Pantoria where Ignatia decides they should stop and try to gather some knowledge of the region. They split up and talk to the locals who treats them with suspicion. Geb is close to getting mugged but manage to talk his way out, claiming to be poor - but more likely his overly eccentric ways was interpreted as a, possibly contagious, illness by the thugs. Kaeso tries to gain information from a merchant who acts very suspiciously, but after being confronted about it, it is clear this was to avoid getting into trouble for talking to someone who looks to be imperial.

Not avoiding to get into trouble is Geb who finds himself arrested by the local militia after failing to explain his business in town. As simple men recently hired for the job they have little interest in Gebs exotic explainations and throws him in a small cell in the castle dungeons.

Awhero, Kaeso and Ignatia is unaware of this until they discover he is missing and overhears a conversation about a spy being brought to the castle. The conclusion that it is Geb who is being accused does not seem far fetched and as Ignatia expects his knowledge to be of some use to the later they decide to mount a rescue mission.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Skill & Fame Guide

And so a final guide, giving you a grasp of skill levels and fame!

Note that there is no rule stating 50 as a skill level cap or 100 as maximum Fame. Higher values would however have limited impact on gameplay and perception of the character.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Personality Guide

Unsure what a particular Trait value represent? Take a look at the personality guide table below to gain some insight!

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 26

Charon and Thriatos return from their meeting with the emperor and starts packing their gear according to the task they have been given. However, their plan is not to follow the emperor's orders and as they may need further assistance they decide to let ex-seneschal Horacio join them. Secluded in the estate laboratory the two explain their plan and Horacio is torn between following his lust for power and a more careful voice. The situation suddently becomes very tense as they discover consul Callissios to be in the room, disguised as a servant.

The consul goes straight to business with the three mages: in return for his aid to maintain the appearance that they are following the emperor's orders he wants them to travel to a graveyard city in northern Menokh. Their task will be to find an artifact which at any cost is to be kept away from Savvas, whom Callissios suspects of being behind much of the current tumoil in the Empire. Callissios suggests they take the artifact to the dragon they encountered 6 months ago as he is certain no one would try to claim it from the beast. After a short negotiation between the three they agree to the task and the consul binds them by a blood oath to keep their word. He then teleports himself from the room.

As they begin to pack for their journey they realize the consul had already cast a spell to disguise their appearances. To avoid getting into trouble with the servants of the household they decide to leave immediately, which, translated from wizard time, corresponds to a few hours later. They bring the two undead servants Victor and Jamal with them as they might be useful.

They travel to Amoros where they find a river barge to take them north. Without their usual aides they forget to purchase food and must deal with this on the way. The barge takes them as far as Ebrion where they attempt to find a new one. Charon's haggling over the price gets him into trouble as he tries to dominate a barge captain and manage to turn him against the rest of the crew. Charon leaves as the dominated man is ordered to put fire to his own vessel.

Meanwhile Horacio is trying to gather more supplies to last for the rest of their journey, which goes well - but he inadvertedly attract the attention of another mage. The mage follows him through the city and wants to introduce himself when the three finally meet up, but as a fire mysteriously erupt among the barges the mage is forced to leave. The three mages hurries away and accepts a very steep price to leave the city at once.

Night soon falls, but troubles aren't over. They awake to find the barge crew attempting to go on shore and after a brief interrogation a fight ensures during which the crewmen are all killed. They hurriedly attempt to use rocks to lower them to the riverbed and put Jamal to push the barge onwards as they go back to sleep.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Character Guide

Unsure what a particular Characteristic value actually means? Take a look at the character guide table below to gain some insight!

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 25

Soon Charon and Thriatos arrive at their estate to, with slight irritation, discover their new tenants. However, as they are to deliver their report to the Mages' Council on the following day there is no room for arguments and the group enjoy a pleasant evening together.

On the following day several of the guests find themselves at the Council's hall in Amoros. Ignatia, Sarissa and Maladir - now going by his true name Irmani - are waiting impatiently as Charon, Thriatos and Horacio are called into the council chamber.

Charon is the one who retells the recent events, occasionally interrupted by one of the consuls who ask questions to either of the three. As they finish their story Charon and Thriatos are asked to leave, but Horacio to stay as the others are called in. They are all asked questions concerning the seneschals' work in Pantoria and how they percieve what has transpired. The consuls then send them away to debate among themselves.

After a nervous wait both groups are called in at once. Consul Savvas says there are a few small, but important, issues which need to be thoroughly explained. The consul never gets the chance to ask her questions as the emperor unexpectedly walks into the room and declares the council dissolved until the current conflict has been resolved.
While Ignatia and Irmani return to their business the others pack their belongings and travel to the estate. Charon, Thriatos, Horacio and Kaeso turn to copy the texts acquired from Karachen's castle, in case the council decides to confiscate them. No such order is issued, but they do get an imperial messenger calling Charon and Thriatos to the imperial court on the following day.
As the rest of the day pass quickly the two seneschals find themselves walking through the halls of the imperial palace. They are quickly shown to the emperor who informs them that consul Seneca has vanished, taking the acquired artifacts with him. After discerning that the two does not know where the consul has travelled the emperor orders them to find him and to learn what is happening.
Their hopes of some quiet time at the estate vanished, just like the consul, Charon and Thriatos turn to Irmani and Constance to find out where the consul may have gone. Apparently he set out on his own towards the desert of Ten Makao, but what he aims to achieve there no one can guess.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 24

Horacio, Ignatia, Sarissa and Maladir are taking the rescued Nehana to Amoros. The journey is uneventful and once arrived the party split up.

Horacio and Ignatia report back to their consul who is extremely displeased that Horacio did interfere with the affairs in the province despite his orders on the contrary. Ignatia is forced to take a side and chooses not to go down with her peer and Quadrata thereafter dismisses Horacio and relieves him of all his duties. Deeply upset the former seneschal leave the consul's Palace to look for a ship going to Leupthia. While looking for one he stumbles into an acquaintance from home, a young, well-built man by the name of Kaeso. Kaeso explains he is the cousin of Horacio's good friend grandmaster Acidus and he has been forced to leave Leupthia for political reasons. Horacio need to clear his head in order to process what he just heard, so they head to the city park where they get spotted by Sarissa who invites them to consul Seneca's estate.

At the estate they find Julius missing and Constance attending business, so their only company is the new librarian, Geb. While not without their differences, the four of them have a fairly pleasant conversation which last until night time.

The following day they are surprised to find an important visitor, patrician Malaccan of Amoros, at their door.
The patrician is looking for seneschals Charon and Thriatos but as they have not yet returned from Pantoria he summons the guests of the house to have a word with them. Malaccan asks a few innocent questions concerning their knowledge about Haomas' Grave, the graveyard city. He seems to know about Horacio's and Sarissa's two separate visits and are very interested in the reasons behind the two expeditions, as well as what actually transpired. The goal of his visit is soon made clear: apparently the armor returned by Sarissa, Charon and Thriatos is not the same armor that Horacio and his party removed. The group get into several conspirational theories where the artifacts recently collected by Charon and Thriatos inevitably play an important role. Malaccan is however not questioning the loyalty of consul Seneca - who is the most likely character behind the deception - but cannot understand his motives. After they all share what they know Malaccan is content and leaves, intending to return once the two seneschals are back from their mission.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

LinCon - day 3

Final day at LinCon concluded in a steampunk theme with the adventures "What Dwells in the Mountains" and "An Unexpected Journey". Despire a soar throat and the need for medicination to keep upright the whole event feel like a great success - so a very big thank you to all who visited and played during the last few days.

You can find the adventures above on the downloads page. Adventures which where announced but not played during this convent will remain in the bag until the next opportunity presents itself.