Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Dragon's Offer

 They hade been travelling with Nepthys in the lead heading towards the lighthouse that could be seen in the distance. Echan's Folly a proof of divination gone to far...
They jumped off their horses and waded the last bit through the shallow water towards the derelict buildings. When they entered it seemed like time suddenly slowed down to a stop and Julian looked around.
His companions around him looked like they had been frozen in time...

Suddenly, in front of him, a woman had appeared as from thin air. She was wrapped in a fine white elven dress, not leaving much to the imagination, and showing her pale, almost white skin. In contrast her hair flowed red like fire around her face, but what grabbed Julian was the eyes. Green like emeralds and almost glowing, expelling something far from human... The Woman was beautiful but still had an aura of danger although the eyes and the smile was friendly, almost smug... Her voiced seemed to be quite quiet, but at the same time rich and reached Julian in full clarity.
"Welcome Julian Cornelius, I am the Eternal Queen, the Lady in White, the White Dragon. I am Halomyr, and I have an offer to you. I have seen your endeavor to transform this country and found it worthy. I am willing to offer you My help. In exchange, I ask that when you change your country, you give my people - my followers - a place. Do not you stand in the way of those who wish to follow my bid. Do you accept my offer, magos? Can I expect you to stand by my side?"
Julian hesitated for a moment, the smugness, there was something to it. But still they where working for a free open Damasa, for eveyone... Julian gave it a quick thought and then spoke.
"If they give freedom and space in the same way and do not get away for us and the rest, they will have a place on our side. Our pursuit is freedom, unity and equality. Is this acceptable? Will we stand on each other's sides?"
That last bit, thought Julian, might be pushing it but the smugness from her part made Julian want to push back...
"You are negotiating with a god? I do not know if you are stupid or just brave, mortal. But it does not matter. What I ask for leaves nothing to negotiate: either you support my chosen the right to follow their faith or you do not. You are free to choose here and now, but know that the reward I offer is great. Which is also the punishment if you would later let me down."
Julian though to himself and looked around at his companions frozen in time. This was a moment he would have liked their advice, this was something they where three to decide...
The where three... They didn't decide alone, even if Julian supported the other might object, and still it was about choice, it was about freedom. Choice and freedom was what the where working towards for Damasa. For everyone... Julian nodded to himself and gathered himself.
"If all goes well, everyone is equal in our future Damasa and they have as much space as we, side by side. Those who want, of their own will, will have the right to follow their own faith."
"You try my patience, mortal. I do not ask for your opinion - I ask for your faithfulness. A cheap price for what I offer. Few mortals get this opportunity. Do you want to waste it with more talk or do you have a decision?"
Julian sighed discreetly to himself, he had to stop thinking like a politician, at least abit...
"Yes, I will let those who want to follow their faith to have a place in our new country."
She seemed satisified, for the moment...
"Then it's sealed. As a first acquisition, I say to you, in the forests of Ossina, where you sent your spies, the clan Maximora conceals a secret army - an army with firearms. With that, they intend to attack Mafar-Eldio to the east and take back these lands, thus taking Molos place as Damasa's war clan. The only thing in their way is that they need a navy to move their army. Get them one so they can leave the forest behind them. Their presence disturbs those who are close to me."
After she spoken time seemed to speed up and she was gone. Julian noticed that it seemed like Nepthys just had said something.
Julian shook himself and turned his attention towards Nepthys.
"Excuse me, I lost myself in someone else's thoughts."
Nepthys just smiled back at Julian...

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