Monday, July 11, 2016

Kragor the Merc: An introduction

Photoshopped original image
Meet Kragor Artz.
Kragor is a man who, seen in a crowd, would be quickly ignored. This because his severely scarred face with a patchwork of different skin tones immediately brings on an awkward feeling about where to keep your eyes when facing him. Getting past this fact one would quickly notice he has orc blood in him as defined by a thick lower jaw, bulky physique and slightly greyish color of skin. The eyes are green and his hair a worn dark brown. He dresses like an outbacker in woodland combat gear hiding a well-fitting all-weather suit which remains in good condition despite looking a few years old. A Brimestone Trekker backpack adorns his back - the brand sought by any serious survivallist - and he carries a riot club in a holster along his left leg and, a bit more unusual, a folded crossbow appears to be attached to the side of the backpack. He appears to be middle aged but in good shape.

Kragor is a mercenary in the Union city of Dormicas, located in the Fringe. He is also a character in an Age of Information campaign called "The Pack". While not the most social person he does like to share a good story now and then, which might just be posted on this blog.

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