Sunday, July 10, 2016


Summer is not all sun and rest. For the last few weeks the Core Rule Book has undergone a major rewrite, preparing the material for the first planned print sales release this autumn (provided the artist working on the cover can get it done in time - no pressure!).

Well, the rewrite is now complete and while the material contains a few tweaks and fixes it is mostly backstory and flavor. To be more precise it is about a total of 90 pages of backstory and flavor! Should give you some reading if the sun is not shining.

And to make it even better there's no need to wait until printing (which will anyhow only be available in Sweden): you can go right to the download page and get it, right now. For free. No strings attached more than that if you do like it please spread the word.

Updates introduced

  • When performing a Full Action a character is still allowed to make 1 Reaction in the same combat Round.
  • Some minor changes to the Attack modifiers (you'll find them on page 73).
  • Wounds now increase difficulty for all tests against Strength, Toughness and Agility.
  • Strain now increase difficulty for all tests against skills, Perception and Willpower.
  • Clarified the rules concerning performing rituals with several casters (page 111-112).
  • You'll find quite a lot of short little inspirational stories as you read along.
  • The chapters on Mortal Races and Nations & Peoples have been extended greatly (and also adding some maps).
  • The Death & Religion chapter has been extended.
  • The Army Management chapter has been slightly changed.
  • Weapon images have been added to the Gear chapter.
  • The list of spells by school have been extended with a short description of each school.

As for the Age of Knowledge and Age of Information rulebooks they too will see some major overhaul but no date set for that work yet. Keep your eyes open.

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