Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 1

In the country known simply as the Empire there where four mighty mages who went by the names Callissios, Seneca, Savvas and Quadrata. They were all consuls part of the Empire's Council of Mages and thus among the most powerful people in the whole country.

There where other consuls as well, but these four had something in common: a desire to unravel the mystery known as the Necromancer's Legacy. Not well known outside academic circles, the Necromancer's Legacy was said to be a number of artifacts - each with potent Power but together they would turn their master nigh invincible. Whether for personal fame and glory, the good of the Empire or simply to outsmart their fellow consuls mattered not - all were equally determined to be the first to lay their hands on these artifacts. But a consul has many duties and research and divinations could not be trusted to reveal the locations of these artifacts. They would all require help - and this is where our story began...

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