Monday, August 19, 2013

Monsters, beasts and animals

"What separates a monster from a beast or a beast from an animal is not an obvious science and scholars have throughout the centuries attempted to find a way to categorize all living beings.

Beasts are generally considered to be mindless beings, devoid of emotion and impossible to reason with. Animals are recognized as being somewhat intelligent and capable of bonding with other living beings – both members of their own species and occasionally humans. Monsters are explained as the most dangerous of creatures – intelligent, yet estranged from humanity due to diet, habitat or magical properties.

Most humans do not hesitate to kill a dangerous beast, animal or monster if given the opportunity. They are all considered lesser beings and are also treated as such. "

Time to release a third expansion module: the Monster Expansion! Find it on the downloads page.

Friday, August 16, 2013

World Map - Age of Steel

The world map for the Age of Steel is now made available for download. It covers all the kingdoms listed in the core rules along with a few uncharted shores. Each pixel corresponds to 1 km, making the map 4724 x 4724 km which is roughly the size of North America. This includes both land and water - the land mass is approximately the same size as Europe, ignoring Russia.

A current project is to expand the map to include more lands intended to be chartered during the Age of Knowledge. While the current map is 40x40cm and 300dpi the expanded map will be 80x60cm with the same resolution.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Age of Knowledge has arrived

The updated version of the core rules for the Age of Knowledge is now available for download. It contains changes to career choices, world description and gear. All standard rules are present so the Age of Knowledge book does not require the Core Rule book as well.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Planes of Existance

"While the common hedge wizard or sorcerer gain their powers from a natural disposition towards magic, more civilized mages strive to understand the magical currents of the world. Theoretical magic is thus the field of understanding magic in a logical sense, often through the use of geometrical figures that represent different degrees of understanding.

In accordance with current belief the present theory explaining the structure of the world identifies five different planes of existence. These are known as the Mortal Realm, in which the world of men exists, the Spirit Realm, where spirits and other incorporeal creatures exists, the Realm of Unlife, where spirits deprived of their will to exist will journey, the Abyss, home plane to all demons, and finally the Elemental Planes, home to the elements of earth, fire, water and wind. Mages have identified that when a self-conscious being dies its soul will detach from the Mortal Realm and travel to the Spirit Realm. There it will stay until the spirit grows tired enough to forget much of the person it was in life and eventually what life was as well. In this stage it will drift from the Spirit Realm into the Realm of Unlife.

The fact that souls can travel between these places freely under these conditions have led many mages to attempt to travel to another realm using their powers, or have the realm come to them through a dimension portal. Needless to say such practices are dangerous but have given mages the possibility to understand and interact with the beings existing on the other planes."

The description above is taken from the introduction of the Magic Expansion to Centuria. In it you will find a detailed description of the four dimensions outside of the Mortal Realm and the Powers and creatures associated with them. You can find the Magic Expansion available on the Downloads page.