Centuria is a roleplaying game currently being developed by Niclas Ohlsson. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Aladron across three different ages: the Age of Steel, the Age of Knowledge and the Age of Information. Intentions are to make content freely available online to attract gamers.

See the Downloads page for more information, maps and adventures which are available free of charge.

The Necromancer's Legacy (you'll find the first episode here) is a retelling of a campaign set in the Southlands in the Age of Steel. Images are created using http://www.sp-studio.de/ and the format used are based on South Park, all rights reserved by Comedy Partners. No infringement intended.

Kragor the Merc is a first-person description of an ongoing campaign in the Age of Information, taking place in the Fringe. You can find the introduction here.

Developer Diary is a series of posts describing how the world of Centuria came to be along with some of the thoughts that have gone into it. The first diary post can be found here.

A pre-release print was made as early as 2013. A first release print of the Core Rule book was made in the early spring of 2017. The full version Core Rule Book is also available as PDF on the downloads page free of charge. A pre-release Age of Knowledge book and a (almost) completed Age of Information book are also available for download. Rewriting of the Age of Knowledge book is under way and will hopefully be finished during 2017. Covers are in making and hopefully these books can get printed during 2018. 

If you are interested in setting up a campaign and need some help or feedback feel free to contact me.

Development of Centuria has been in progress since early 2013.

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