Monday, January 27, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 6

After a well-earned rest Charon and Thriatos are again summoned by the Council of Mages. An important report from a mage currently stationed in the province of Khamlira has been lost to pirates in Ossaria. The Council provides the two seneschals with an interpreter and expert on the local culture in Ossaria and tasks them with retrieving the report.

Back at their quarters Thriatos is disgruntled at the constant interruptions to their research and asks Charon to travel alone. Thus Charon and the interpreter, Demac, boards a ship heading west to the Ossarian capital of Gathar.

In Gathar the two are welcomed by harbor master Lenisha who presents the governor's ambassador, diplomat Hana, and Tori, captain of the city guard. Both are placed at the disposal of the seneschal to find the lost report.

Tori uses her network to garther information while Charon leads the other party members to a less respectable tavern, looking for pirates. A glass of wine and a game of dice later Charon starts to ask people questions with the help of Demac, offering to repay the money he just won in return for information. This does not sit well with the current crowd and a man stabs Demac in the leg. Charon takes to necromancy and as the man accidentaly injures another drinker a small fight erupts and the man gets killed. At this point Tori arrives and after a heated argument with Charon (whom she suspects for the killing) an uneasy peace calms the tavern.

Having trouble finding a live pirate, Charon becomes determined to question a dead one using his magical skills. Tori mentions there is an area in the less fortunate end of the city where dead pirates are hung to the crows as a deterrent. Hana, nervous at the thought of them wandering alone into the slums, summons a regiment of palace guards to escort them to the location. The walk is thus uneventful, but not very subtle, and Charon's rather unabashed use of spirit magic and necromancy disturbs the captain of the guard. But eventually they manage to learn about a system of Caves which can be found about a day's journey south of the city.

Having used up their favours with the palace guard the group hires on some caravan guards, despite the protests of the original caravan. They leave as soon as able. However, in secret Tori has sent a group of city guards ahead of them.

After a hot journey they manage to find the caves but are discovered and attacked by the pirates who dwell there. Charon summons a wraith and together with the fortunate appearance of Tori's soldiers the caravan guards panick as they believe they are being surrounded. The battle comes to a halt and Charon tries to negotiate with the pirates. These agree to deliver the lost report if they are given a day to leave the area. Disgruntled Tori agrees to this as Charon uses magic to persuade her. The report is handed over and the party and their soldiers return to Gathar.

Once back Charon and Demac waste no further time and takes the first ship back to the Imperial province. Charon learns that the report mentions another artifact and suspects he will not be allowed to stay at home for very long.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rule books updated!

After a major revision the Core Rule Book and the Age of Knowledge have now both been updated and are available in the new version from the downloads page. Changes include incorporating most expansion modules into the Core Rule Book as well as adding some new goodies to the Age of Knowledge book to allow moving Age of Steel characters to the new age.

The new version corrects the errors listed on the errata page concerning the first printed edition.

The new versions are not yet available as prints. The possibilities concerning this will be evaluated during 2014.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 5

As problematic as this could prove to be, the adventurers were quite unaware of the current situation as they where exploring the cellars of the palace. They where instead occupied by a magical ward which prevented them from entering a room deemed to be highly interesting. Among the age-old corpses of the palace's inhabitants - which had apparently died from famine or disease - they found clues as how to break the ward but could still not manage to get through.

Becoming aware of the undead the party prepared for a battle but soon realized a magical ward placed on the palace itself prevented the undead from attacking. However they still prevented them all from leaving, which they indeed had the intention of doing once the item they sought had been found.

A leader dressed in black robes emerged from the undead and offered his aid to the seneschals if they in turn retrieved a book which he claimed was contained within the building. Master Geb had already found the book in question and since it contained no spells of mass destruction or similar horrors (it did in fact detail some sort of public census for a region in the old Zhengdi empire) they agreed to the trade. True to his word the undead commander told them how to unlock the ward and then left with the book in hand. Since the deal had in fact not included the undead horde it was left standing, still keeping the party inside the palace.

The group was able to retrieve the Light of Halomyr from the chamber behind the magic ward, so now the only remaining question was how to deal with the undead. Jannis and the others prepared for a though fight, but seneschal Charon managed, through his considerable skill in the necromantic arts, to command one of the undead guarding them. Since the remaining undead had only been given orders to kill the intruders, should they try to leave, they did not defend themselves as Charon's thrall hacked its way through their ranks. Thus the group was able to return to the Empire unscathed with the artifact in hand.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 4

The desert of Ten Makao is vast, dry and hot. Led by Jannis and guided by Geb the party made their way along the ancient High Road, which once connected the Empire to the kingdom of Zhengdi.

The journey is long and hard and as unpleasantly hot as the day is the night is no better and chills to the bone. However, in the early morning they carry on until they reach a giant sandstorm which blocks their way. Unlike most sandstorms it is stationary and after a brief research Charon and Thriatos determine it is magical in nature. They command the party forward as their goal most likely is on the other side. The more down-to-earth elements of the party follows as they contemplate the current size of their salaries.

Blistered by the sand and the sun, some luck finally strikes as they spot the ruins of a city in the distant. The Place looks eerily empty and the open gates great them like the jaws of some giant beast. They carry on into the city.

Once through the gates, Jannis takes the lead in finding a suitable building to use as a headquarter. However, Charon, Thriatos and Geb have already picked up a trace of magic pointing them towards the city center and they hurry forward. Losing control of their camels it all develops into a comedic race as Jannis, Asael and Vexeria ride to their aid in an attempt to control the panicked beasts. But eventually they all manage to reach the central plaza and find themselves looking up at the entrance to the city hall.

After this Jannis is forced to postpone his argument concerning the reckless behavior of his employers as the city hall is proven to contain a source of water and is also easily defendible as there was only one entrance to be found. This advantage could arguably also had been a disadvantage, especially considering that soon after their arrival the building was surrounded by undead.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 3

Having spent most of their time in the laboratory of the local wizard house, Charon and Thriatos did not like the idea of travelling into an inhospitable desert. Never mind the undead said to roam there - it was going to be hot and with no comfort facilities within reach. However, a quest from the Circle of Mages is best not ignored...

Thankfully the two had a previous relation with one Jannis the Scout, former soldier who turned mercenary when his regiment was reorganized. Jannis was tasked with finding a team to accompany the three on the dangerous journey along with taking care of practical necessities such as stocking up on food, water and purchaising riding animals.

For the task Jannis manage to find a reputable templar by the name of Asael and a scholar named Geb specialized in the ancient civilization which once inhabited Ten Makao. Finally a rouge-like character by the name of Vexeria joins the group and Jannis feels that they are as prepared as they can get.

The group travels the road east from the imperial capital, towards the fortress-city of Areanacre, built to keep the undead horrors of Ten Makao away from the Empire. Their mission is not greeted by open arms by the city's commanders who do not like the idea of opening the gates towards the desert. They are however persuaded and after enjoying a civilized meal and bed the group travels into the desert to find the ruins of Nemorana.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 2

Consul Seneca, the arguably most renowned of the four consuls, decided to act first. As all consuls, Seneca had been appointed two seneschals - mages of acknowledged skill and rank - both from the esteemed wizard house of Altieres from which he himself had progressed.

Meet Charon and Thriatos. Both are good friends and have watched each others' backs for years - which is good for your health in the competitive environment of the Empire's wizard houses. While all mages with more power than to warm a cup of cocoa was expected to be a little eccentric they where considered by some to be... overqualified... in this aspect. Thus their appointment to the rank of seneschals was somewhat surprising and rumors where that even the grandmaster of the house, Nero Habsparis had grown tired of the pair and decided that a political posting - away from the house - was just the right thing to do.

The two mages where summoned to the Council of Mages where Seneca had coaxed the other consuls into approving a quest for the artifact known as the Light of Halomyr. The Council's diviners had revealed a likely location to be the ruins of the city of Nemorana, located in the dreaded desert of Ten Makao to the east.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 1

In the country known simply as the Empire there where four mighty mages who went by the names Callissios, Seneca, Savvas and Quadrata. They were all consuls part of the Empire's Council of Mages and thus among the most powerful people in the whole country.

There where other consuls as well, but these four had something in common: a desire to unravel the mystery known as the Necromancer's Legacy. Not well known outside academic circles, the Necromancer's Legacy was said to be a number of artifacts - each with potent Power but together they would turn their master nigh invincible. Whether for personal fame and glory, the good of the Empire or simply to outsmart their fellow consuls mattered not - all were equally determined to be the first to lay their hands on these artifacts. But a consul has many duties and research and divinations could not be trusted to reveal the locations of these artifacts. They would all require help - and this is where our story began...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year

A new year is now dawning on Centuria, a year of change. The Age of Knowledge is approaching - printing that is - and thanks to feedback and several test runs the Core Rules are being slightly revised as well.

For 2014 the plan for Centuria is set until summer: This website will receive more frequent and regular updates covering the events in an ongoing Campaign, along with some background information regarding the countries presented in Age of Steel.

Besides that more adventures will be written and hopefully also one or two full campaigns.

On a more negative side the comment function of this page has been disabled due to spam. Please use the Contact page if you have questions or feedback.