This page contains corrections for any misprinted rules.

Age of Steel

"Bardiche" ( is mentioned as a weapon in two places but is not found in the gear list. It is a polearm. Use stats for Pole axe (page 351).
Martial Arts > List of Martial Arts > The Art of the Lion (page 82)
NPC's & Adversaries > Common Adversaries > City Guard (page 225)

Age of Information

Vehicles > Systems > Active Systems > Jump Drive (page 97):
A Jump Drive has a cooldown time equal its power consumption in minutes (not hours).
[Corrected in digital version]

Vehicles > List of Spacecrafts (page 119):
Spaceship speeds (noted next to Propulsion System) have a conversion error; the displayed number is km/s despite being noted as km per round. To get the correct speed multiply by 5 (a round is 5 seconds).  As an example, a battleavar can travel at 150km per round. 
[Corrected in digital version]

Vehicles > List of Spacecrafts > Carrier AV (page 121)
Erroneous Structure values. A Carrier AV should have the following Structure values: 80|150|200|600.
[Corrected in digital version]

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