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This page lists a number of adventures and campaigns that've been played using the rules of Centuria. Some have been run as part of testing various rules, others to expand a particular setting - but all with the baseline ambition to have fun!

Feel free to use them as inspiration or get in touch if you want part of the material.

The Necromancer's Legacy

Actually the campaign that set off to turn Centuria into its very own roleplaying game. Set in the Southlands it began with the rather eccentric mages Thriatos and Charon getting the honorable assigment as seneschals to consul Seneca of the Empire's Council of Mages. They are cast into a political game where three consuls are competing against each other to get their hands on a set of necromantic artifacts from the lost Zhengdi Empire. 

In service to the Falcons

A rather classic adventure setting with the players taking on the roles as agents of the Order of the Falcon in the Age of Steel. The plot centered around the Order's fight against the orcs to the north and its governing of the people of Gwendellor but eventually came to involve the Order's rather elaborate meddling in the affairs of other countries.

An Unexpected Journey

An adventure with a lot of titanic vibes; five characters find themselvs sharing a cabin aboard Gerard's Pride - a brand new steamship setting sail from Gothic city of Ilmond to colonial Menloria. Needless to say, the journey doesn't quite go as planned... 

Dark Streets & Dark Deeds

Our LinCon 2016 adventure revolves around a murder mystery set in the Commonwealth capital of Duridal. Things are not quite what they seem however... 

The Brotherhood of Fire

A continuation of the Necromancer's Legacy - set in the Age of Knowledge. Some of the characters are ascended (testing out the ascension rules) from that campaign while others join anew (but granted some serious starting resources as compensation). Mainly a political campaign again taking place in the Southlands.

The Message

An adventure set in the city of Merdun in the Age of Knowledge. The characters are agents of the Gothic inquisition, sent to the city in secret to investigate rumors of sorcery. As the relations between the duke and Temple is not what they could be they must tread carefully, least they risk getting caught in a political game that could keep them from completing their mission.

The Great Escape

As criminals sentenced to work in one of the Order of the Falcon's mines the characters face a bleak existence - made worse by bullying inmates and ambitious guards. Escape seems impossible, yet the thought is never far away.


In the Age of Information the characters suddenly find themselves underground, naked somewhere in the vast sewers of Miros City. What has happened? Who are the others? Many questions beg for answers - but to get them they must first learn about where they are. Only one thing is for sure: all answers will not be what they want them to be. 

Project Synapsis

As mid-tier shifters in the city of Noravon the characters constantly get glimses of a world that at the same time is so distant it could be on the far side of the moon. But then they catch the eyes of a rather clandestine organization - and everything changes. Set in the Age of Information the campaign explores a shadowrunesque underworld setting with criminals acting in the upper stratas of society.

The Will of the Beast

A continuation of Project Synapsis, the characters have gained in experience and assets when a different threat is emerging - this time from the lower stratas of the city. Werewolves begin stalking the city while at the same time the characters realize everyone is not going in the same direction in the organization they have joined.

Birds of Prey

A mixture of treasure hunters and mercenaries find themselves aboard the astral ship "the Revenant" were various corporations and individuals offer job opportunities of a more or less clandestine nature. 

Justice Wanted

Taking on the role as Union arbitrators, the characters get to experience the stark contrast of challenges between Merm City and Gothmor. As if criminals and murderers ain't enough there's politics as well... Set in the Age of Information the campaign was a sort of mixture between Judge Dredd and Blade Runner.

The Primagos Chronicles

In the Age of Knowledge, three young mages in Damasa try to climb the social ladder in a country that has already passed its Golden Age. Internal bickering and intrigues between various wizard clans has locked Damasa in the past and the characters are desperately working to move with the times. However, there are forces opposing them far beyond what they could ever have known...


A sequel to the Primagos Chronicles, set in the Age of Information. Having gained both power and knowledge, the characters manage to survive through the centuries but now face the difficulty of trying to live their lives in an entirely different world from when they grew up. A serious push for the limits to character power and influence with very interesting role playing.

The Sword of St Messalla

A campaign set in the Age of Steel in the country of Arbea. The characters are part of an escort taking the sword of St Messalla to the Order of the Wolf stronghold known as Wolf Castle when they are ambushed by orcs who waylay the sword. As the only survivors the characters get sent on a quest to ensure its safe return.

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