Friday, April 2, 2021

Commander's Conundrum

"Still no response?"
"No, commander," responded the neuronav.
"Keep sending anyway."
"But why won't they answer?" asked lieutenant Loreli. "From all readings it's a Union ship."
"Because they can't hear us."
"Uh, there are no problems with the communications servers, sir," said the neuronav.
"Not with the servers. They are jamming us."
"What? Why?" asked Loreli.
"Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps they are just passing this sector and wants to keep their presence a secret from other ships which might hear us. Perhaps there is someone onboard they want to get hold of."
"If that where the case, why haven't they contacted us for a transfer?"
"Perhaps its someone they know we wouldn't hand over?"
"Sir?" Loreli looked puzzled. "Who onboard would warrant a battlenac for capture?"
"I don't know. It's merely a possibility. Pilot!"
"Yes, sir?"
"Prepare defensive measures and generate a starting code for all phoenix avars. And scramble the pilots."
"Yes, sir!"
"You think they will -attack-?" asked Loreli with disbelief in her voice. "Wouldn't be much use for us to do anything - they could disintegrate us without a sweat."
"Indeed. And the fact that they haven't already done so suggest that there is something else that they want. So I intend to be prepared."

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