Monday, March 24, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 14

For the first time in many weeks the seneschals where able to enjoy the comforts of civilized living as they made themselves at home at consul Seneca's country estate. However, the consul still had need for their services as he required some specific spells to be researched. Pressured on time the two tried to persuade the consul to give them more time, which they where reluctantly granted - along with a serious scolding for their lack of progress. It was clear that there would be no further delays for the project if the consul's good will was to be maintained.

Thriatos and Geb left for the capital to explore the library of the wizard house, and Thriatos was given the opportunity of reconnecting with an old colleague by the name of Marca with whom he traded some information in return for aid with finding a spell he needed.

Meanwhile Charon and Sarissa engaged in advanced spell research for the next few weeks, with only a few minor interruptions. The spells required began to take shape.

However, not very far away another group was also making progress. Seneschals Ignatia and Horacio, accompanied by the waipuku tracker Awhero had been sent on a mission by consul Quadrata to the largely abandoned graveyard city known as the Tomb of Haomas.

Heading for the Imperial Mausoleum at the city's acropolis they battle their way past undead zombies and skeletons to find what they are looking for: the artifact known as the White Citadel - a magical breast plate once worn by the Empire's rulers. Having completed their task they return their consul who give them a handsome reward for their services.

But all does not go as planned. Instead of the praise and envy of the Mages' Council, Quadrata is met by accusations and domesday prophesies. She had no right to enter the graveyard city! The armor  should not have been moved! Terrible events will unravel!

Facing the fact that her influence is more fragile than ever Quadrata realize her enemies are gathering to have her expelled from the council. But an unexpected ally appears: consul Seneca. Given the armor, Seneca promise to repair what injury has been made and to defend her position in the council. Quadrata doubt he can be trusted, but what choice does she have? And exactly what is Seneca planning to do?

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