Saturday, June 8, 2013

The world of Centuria

“Dressed in their finest silk robes, made in the colors of House Altieres and Custodes, the two mages strode forward. Wizards of lower rang stepped aside with a slight bow as they passed, careful to show their respect. At last they reached the end of the corridor and a servant held open a door into a small waiting room. However, the door into the next corridor was already open, so there was no time to enjoy any of the delicacies presented, and the pair continued forward.

The second corridor ended in a massive porthole and before them a circular room could be seen. Magic wards and symbols covered the smooth walls and as they entered they felt the eerie feeling of magic sparkling at their sandal-clad feet and jumping at the jewelry which they wore at their wrists.

A voice sated with power made them look up.
‘Seneschals, you are late.’
Surrounding them in a circle of thrones placed above the circular room nine stern faces looked down upon them. The mage-consuls of the Council of Mages did not like to be kept waiting.

To avoid the stern gazes of the archmages above the two mages turned to face the tenth throne. No mage would ever be seated there as it by tradition was reserved for the emperor, and therefore left empty. But in horror the mages found themselves staring into a pair of purple eyes which no man could ever read.
‘Gentlemen,’ spoke the emperor, ‘the hour is late. Let us hear what you have discovered on your journey so that we can proceed with our meeting.’ ”

Centuria takes place in the world of Aladron, home to the Free Peoples, gods, monsters and other creatures, yet to see the light of day and enter the annals of known history. The event above takes place in one of Aladron’s three major settings, the Imperial Province. There is more to read about the Imperial Province and the other settings in the chapter Nations & Peoples.

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