Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Roleplaying Example, Part 6

As the sun closes to zenit the group of adventurers finally reach the reclusive desert tomb which is their destination. Daniel describes a massive bronze door protruding from the mountain side, covered in elaborated carvings which have nearly been blistered away by the desert wind.

The group decides they had better put up camp outside of the tomb, so Tyrian and Larcus makes a joint Test against Survival. They manage to find a good campsite in a shallow cave, saving them some time from putting up the tents.

As they still feel rather fresh Isani decide they should start exploring the tomb immediately and then return to camp to formulate a more detailed plan. Aida is to look for traps while Larcus should keep an eye out for any inscriptions which might tell them something about the place. Isani and Tyrian will be prepared to deal with any trouble that comes along.

The massive doors present the first obstacle as they do not want to open. The group finally resort to having their horses pull part of the door out of its hinges. The dark tomb opens up beyond and after securing the horses and lighting a torch they move forward.

As Aida is looking for traps and Larcus for writings Daniel has them rolling separate Tests against Search. After looking around Aida feels confident that there are no traps in this part of the tomb, while Larcus have discovered old writings all over the dusty walls. After a Challening Test against his Runes writing Skill Larcus reveals that the text is a written warning to all that would enter the tomb and it describes the terrible fate that awaits any who enter – in great detail. Lucas roleplays how Larcus share his revelations with the other characters.

Lucas: “Eh, this is not good.”
Elisabeth: “What, you found a spelling mistake?”
Lucas: “Larcus gives Aida a long stare. No, the text is a warning – we’re not supposed to be here.”
Sara: “It’s a tomb. Of course they didn’t intend for visitors. Does it tell of any dangers?”
Lucas: “Not really, but it describes the myriad of horrible fates that await us.”
Robert: “I don’t care for such supersition. I suggest we move on.”
Elisabeth: “I agree. There’s nothing of value to be found here.”
Sara: “Alright, we keep moving. But stay sharp.”
Elisabeth: “Like a dagger in the back…”

As they press forward Daniel now and then asks them to make a Test against Awareness. While nothing is approaching them right now he doesn’t want the players to assume something is happening just because they make an Awareness Test. After a while the party has explored several of the windling corridors but found nothing but dead-ends or empty rooms Aida suddently hear something approach. The group decide to stay and wait, weapons at the ready. Daniel then describes the sound of shambling feet and how a human shape suddently separates from the darkness. Its rotting flesh and tattered bandages leaves no doubt as to it belonging to the undead.

Daniel requires everyone to make a Routine Test against Fear. Isani, Tyrian and Larcus succeed but Aida fails – the young theif obviously not accustomed to this sort of danger. Aida fails by 16 degrees and Daniel, reading from the Fear table, declares she becomes frozen with fear, unable to move until she succeed with a Routine Test against WIL. If successful she will still suffer +1d10 difficulty due to tremors for the rest of the encounter. She will also receive 1d10 Insanity points, and Daniel rolls the maximum result of 10.

They roll for initiative and Tyrian is first out. The clumsy corpse do not even try to evade his attack but despite his blade biting deep it does not stop the creature, which retaliates with a great axe. Tyrian narrowly escape but the group realizes this creature is nothing like the bandits they encountered the night before. Isani is next out and also deals Damage, badly mangling one of the corpse’s arms. Aida manage to succeed with her first Test against WIL so may perform Actions, although with +1d10 difficulty. She and Larcus decides to hold back as the narrow corridor do not allow them all to attack at the same time. Only after Tyrian and Isani have mangled the corpse into a pulp does it finally cease to resist.

As Aida received 10 Insanity points during a single encounter she is now required to make a new Test against WIL to avoid Mental Trauma. Since Aida didn’t have any Insanity priort to the battle she has gone from 0 to 10 – increasing her degree of madness from Stable to Unsettled. This increases the difficulty against Mental Trauma by +1d10. Elisabeth decides to use a Fate Point to lower the difficulty by -1d10 and succeeds with the Test. As she is now Unsettled, Aida will from now on have -1d10 difficulty against Fear.

As the group reforms to recover from the battle they suddently hear more feet approaching – and from all directions…

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