Friday, June 14, 2013

A Roleplaying Example, Part 5

Larcus is just about to get hit by an arrow.

Daniel rolls for Damage, which is Inf3d10+3 Thrusting Damage. The result is 21. He rolls for Hit Location and the result is 23, which is the left arm. Trauma is noted as T/5 and Pain as P/3 – Larcus thus receives +5 Trauma and +7 Pain as the arrow cuts his arm. After this it is Larcus’ Turn.

Daniel: "Do you want to do anything on your Turn? Remember you got +1d10 difficulty as it is your second Action." Lucas: "I think I’ll take cover behind the big rocks."

As Larcus takes cover all characters involved in the battle has had their Turns, so a new Round begin. Isani starts by taking two swings against the bandit she engaged in the previous Round, using her heavy flail. The bandit dodges the first but is hit by the second in the stomach. Sara rolls Inf4d10 for Blunt Damage and rolls 22, which is reduced by the bandits leather jacket to 17. The Damage location specifies T/2 and P so the bandit suffers 9 Trauma and 18 Pain.

Next it is Tyrian who wants to use his Martial Art sequence (see page 68) against the bandit he is engaging, using his broadsword. He decides to take two Actions on this round, performing the first of his sequence moves Opening Attack, Follow-up Attack, Aimed Attack and Final Blow.

The first attack is a success but is dodged by the bandit. On the second attack both Tyrian and the bandit has +1d10 as it is their second Action, but the bandit has a further +1d10 due to Tyrian having performed a sequence move. Tyrian roll a Critical Hit and the bandit a Critical Failure. Tyrians blow hit the bandit in the right arm, which is normally protected by the bandits leather jacket, but the Critical Hit will ignore this armor. Tyrian rolls Inf4d10+5 Slashing Damage and the result is 38. Damage is calculated as T/2 and P so the bandit takes 19 Trauma and 38 Pain.

As the bandit, who has a total of 36 Hit Points, takes more than Hit Points/10 (=4) Trauma he must test against TOU or receive an injury. Due to now being Heavily Wounded the bandit receives +3d10 to the normally Routine Test. The Test results in 43 against 21 – which yields the worst possible injury. Tyrian severs the right arm of the bandit, who receive a further 19 Pain and apart from fainting starts to bleed heavily. Quite soon the bandits realized they should have picked easier targets and retreats into the night. Three of them lie dead at the camp while the party have sustained only minor injuries. However, Isani is not happy with Larcus’ performance during the battle. Sara and Lucas plays out a conversation between their characters.

Sara: “Larcus, what did you think that you were doing!? I expect you do to your part, not run and hide like a child at the first sign of danger!”
Lucas: “I’m sorry Isani, I just got startled by the sudden attack. It won’t happen again!”
Sara: “Very well. We’d better try get some sleep now. Tyrian, why don’t you take the first watch? Wake me when you’re feeling tired.”
Robert: “Yes, milady.”

Daniel, who feels the party did rather well awards Isani, Tyrian and Aida with +1 Combat XP. Since Larcus didn’t actually participate in the battle he gains no increase. The night passes without any incidents and the following morning the group continues towards the tomb.

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