Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Roleplaying Example, Part 4

The group of adventurers is no moving towards the distant tomb through the desolate desert landscape. Unknown to them a group of 8 bandits have spotted them and seeing the four horses and expensive gear of Isani and Tyrian decided it would be loot well worth the effort. Daniel decides that the bandits dare not risk an open confrontation so will try to ambush the characters once they have set up camp. He rolls a collective Concealment Test for the bandits, 2, 7, 8 resulting in 17 against the banits Skill level of 25 and thus 8 degrees of success.

During their travel Daniel makes a few secret Tests against the characters’ Awarness Skill as he doesn’t want the players to know what is happening. He informs Tyrian and Aida, who both succeeded with the Test, that they get the feeling of being followed.

Elisabeth: “I think we are being followed.”
Sara: “Why? Have you actually spotted anything?”
Elisabeth looks at Daniel who shakes his head.
Elisabeth: “No…”
Sara: “Then I’m sure we got nothing to worry about.”
Elisabeth: “Right, right, don’t trust the thief. We’ll come to regret it I’m, sure…”
Robert: “Tyrian doesn’t like Aidas rather disrespectful way of expressing herself, so he decides to keep quiet for now.”

As the sun is setting the road is getting too dark for travel. The group wants to find a campsite which Daniel declares to be a Routine Test against Survival. Tyrian has the highest level of Survival at 22 but Robert think this Test is going to be important. Since Larcus also have a decent level of Survival at 19 he offers to lend aid. Both character must then make a Test but at Easy difficulty. As they both succeed Daniel explains that after a few minutes they manage to spot a good campsite a little distance off the road, protected from the wind by a few protruding rocks. Group leader Isani agrees the spot looks good so the group start pitching their tents in the hard desert soil. They make a campfire which they gather around for a late meal. Robert is keen on pointing out that Tyrian is keeping an eye on the surroundings and that he has his weapons close.

Daniel decide this is the moment for the bandits to strike but he gives the group a last chance at detecting the assault by making a Test against Awareness. As the characters are focused on their meal he decides the Test will be Challenging, except for Tyrian who get a Routine Test as Robert stated he was being more aware than average. This time Tyrian and Isani succeed with their Tests while Larcus and Aida fail.

Daniel: “Suddently an arrow comes out of the dark and just misses Tyrian to insead hit the rock behind him.”
Robert: “We are under attack!”
Elisabeth: “I told you all!”
Sara: “Defend yourselves!”
Lucas: “Oh, no!”
Daniel: “Time for battle! All make a roll for Initiative.”

Isani rolls 12 against 15, Larcus 25 against 15, Tyrian 19 against 19 and Aida 15 against 22. Daniel notes their order as Adia, Isani, Tyrian and Larcus after their degrees of success or failure. For the bandits he roll a single Test, 16 against 16, so places them after Tyrian. However, since both Larcus and Aida failed on their Test against Awareness Daniel rules that they will be surprised and may not act on their first Turn in the battle. This places Isani first in the Turn order on the first Round.

Sara: “Is there anyone nearby whom I can attack?”
Daniel: “You had just enough time to notice the archer a few meters away.”
Sara: “Can I reach him on a Move, my speed is 4 meters.”
Daniel: “No, it’s a Full Move then.”
Sara: “Ok, but I’ll make a Move then to be able to charge him next round.”
Daniel: “Tyrian, your turn.”
Robert: “Can I see anyone else?”
Daniel: “You think you saw a movement to the left of the camp.”
Robert: “I Move in that direction.”
Daniel: “You se a bandit hiding behind a rock.”
Robert: “I want to attack him if possible?”
Daniel: “Yes you can. Your second action then, +1d10, and it’s poor light from the camp fire +1d10. It’s a Hard Test to hit.”
Robert: “I use one of my Fate Points to lower it by -1d10.”

Robert rolls 2,3,4 and 7 equals 16 – well below his Martial Art level of 27. Daniel makes a roll for the bandit, which is Challenging as it’s his first action in poor light. The bandit rolls 15 against 20 on his Reaction an manages to Dodge the attack. Tyrian decides to save his remaining Actions for defense.

After Tyrian it’s the bandits Turn. 3 bandits with melee weapons moves forward. The remaining 4 of them have ranged weapons so Daniel decides they will try to place one hit on each character. 2 out of 4 arrows hit – one for Aida and one for Larcus. Aida gets to react first but since she is Surprised she suffers +1d10 difficulty. She rolls a Challenging Test against Dodge and the result of 2, 3, 7, 9 equals 21 is well under her exceptional Skill level of 32. Next is Larcus who is also surprised. He rolls 4, 5, 7, 9 equals 25 against a Dodge of 22, which is a failure.

Daniel: “You are hit!”
Lucas: “Ouch!”
Daniel: “Do you have any armor?”
Lucas: ”Uhm, no.”
Daniel: “No Damage Reduction then. Lets see what damage you receive…”

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