Monday, June 21, 2021

A Word about Honor

 "What do you mean by allowing soldier Davina to duel, Sir Richard?" said Sir Michael, with a hint of irritation in his voice.
"Even if I have the highest respect for her will to defend her honor, there’s a lot more on stake here! If that guard had been seriously injured or worse it could have had serious consequences for our quest."
"It was no longer our descision to make Sir Michael, the challenge had already been accepted. I deemed the best to be Davinas second in the duel, so to see that all went according to law, and to keep the Honor of the order and herself. You don't back down from a duel once it's been accepted." said Sir Richard, trying to keep his calm but faltered in doing so...
"But you went against my orders to Davina Sir Richard!" Sir Michael answer with a raised and irritated voice. "I ordered her not to duel!" he added, noticeably dissaproving of Sir Richards decision and behaviour.
"An order, Sir Michael, that could have been given before she accepted the challenge, which she had done before we could arrive, and therefore..."
Sir Michael was leaving the room irritated and with heavy footsteps, trying to ignore Sir Richard, in the same way as Sir Richard had ignored his orders to Davina.
"Sir Michael! SIR MICHAEL!" Sir Richard almost bellowed, in a raised and angry voice, following Sir Michael out of the room towards the common room...

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