Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 19

Arriving back at the embassy, Horacio informs his colleagues that he must make a short trip back to the capital but that his fellow seneschal will arrive shortly to continue his mission. The following morning Charon and Thriatos therefore meet with seneschal Ignatia who has Sarissa as a companion. Sarissa excuses her intrusion and informs the seneschals that she has learned that someone is out to kill them. Inquiring as to how she has learned this and who means to kill them, Sarissa can only tell that she got the information from her former mentor; a man she trusts without a doubt. The seneschals realize there is much about their proteg√©e that they do not know. Before they can continue any further another familiar face appears. Maladir Dircha, the messenger they met in Khamlira who mysteriously disappeared, arrives with further news. These also concerns threats towards the seneschals' health, of which Maladir has learned by following a rumor in Pantoria's underworld. His involvement and personal loyalties questioned, Maladir eventually reveals he is an agent working for consul Seneca who sent him to keep an eye on them while they're in the province.

As there are other matters to attend to Charon, Thriatos, Ignatia and Sarissa travel to the city's wizard house while Maladir visit the city's marketplace to continue his investigations.

At Tono Ken's wizard house Charon and Thriatos start preparing a grandmaster election as they have decided to back Kanadir as a candidate. Ignatia is annoyed by not being introduced to the situation and ventures off to get her own appraise of the situation. They eventually inform Kanadir about their decision and gratefully he informs he will have the house organize an election.

Meanwhile Maladir searches for information  and after getting a few names from a untrustworthy informant head off to more distant parts of the city. He is attacked in an alley by three men and the situation is looking critical when he manages to severely wound one of them and the others flee. As the wounded man eventually come around Maladir learns that it is one of Lao-Din's crimelords, named Varvara, who sent them to end his inquiries.

As the mages of Tono Ken gather for an election Ignatia has a runthrough with Kanadir concerning his customary speach to the house, while Thriatos is preparing an opening speach for the ceremony. As the procedure starts everything goes as planned and when archmage Gan Krish arrive and put his lot in with the seneschals it feels like a win. The result is then counted by Lin Mao and while Kanadir is clearly the winner by number of votes he has not yet gained a majority and a new grandmaster therefore cannot be elected. Charon and Sarissa, both keen on house protocol, are quick to request a second election as they feel more will join their cause after the results have been made clear.

As the voting goes on Maladir maintains a low profile while he speak to many of the city's merchants. Apart from what he already knows - that an assassin has been sent to deal with the seneschals - he learns that it may be the governor himself who tries to keep imperial agents out of the business of his province. Maladir decides this is important enough to inform the others and head towards Tono Ken, where Lin Mao is about to complete his second counting of the votes. This time the balance has shifted enough and Kanadir can now be proclaimed new grandmaster of the house.

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