Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 17

Another week passes until the seneschals are once again summoned by the Mages' Council. They are introduced to seneschal Horacio, who serves consul Quadrata from Leupthia. The three are tasked with investigating a possible insurgency in the wizard houses of the province of Pantoria, where Horacio is supposed to evaluate the work of Seneca's seneschals.

The seneschals are then introduced to a set of secret artifacts owned by the council: teleporting mirrors which allows fast travel between the Empire's wizard houses. The secrecy is due to the possible dangers involved in using them, as the mirrors could kill a traveller if not properly prepared or if someone would manage to tamper with them. Assured that they currently are safe, the seneschals depart immediately for the Pantorian capital of Miramasa.

Arriving at the wizard house bearing the same name as the city, the mages seat themselves in the open library to discuss their plans. After a short meeting with the grandmaster Hanalam they have a basic grasp of the politics enacted by the current governor which have caused a rebellious attitude among the rural population. Hanalam urges the Mages' Council to take a firm stance in the question as he believes the situation can quickly deteriorate and there are those within the house who Think differently.

Charon and Thriatos continue their inquiry in the library where they use a pretext as looking for books on biomancy. Horacio takes it a step further and manage to schedule a meeting with one of the house's archmages on the following day. Apart from this not much work to the seneschals' favor and they travel to a nearby hotel to sleep through the night. They overhear some discussions and come to the conclusion that the citizens appear loyal to the governor while the countryside population has a different opinion.

The following morning Horacio heads to his scheduled meeting while Charon and Thriatos attempt to gather information at the local arena. The two are not very successful in their task, but Horacio has a bit more luck with his meeting. Archmage Fordina paints a rather different picture from the grandmaster, accusing the latter of causing more trouble than necessary by opposing the governor's policies. She even suspect the grandmaster of having his own political motives for doing so, but do not elaborate further on what they might be.

As the Three seneschals meet up later they decide to leave Miramasa for now and travel onwards to Tono Ken, the house of Pantoria's Eastern-most city Lao-Din.

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