Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 7

As expected Thriatos and Charon are soon sent for by the Council of Mages. This time they are asked to travel to the distant province of Khamlira in the northernmost reach of the Empire to search for another of the lost artifacts. The Council let the mages know they'll need their latest find to bring back the artifact safely and so are granted the privilege of safeguarding it during their journey.

In the imperial harbor not many ships plan to make a direct journey to the city of Meglorosa, capital of Khamlira. Charon and Thriatos therefore calls on Jannis to handle the practical details while they themselves pack "essential supplies" and travel lecture. As the magicl library does not allow books to leave the faculty they make an attempt at the city's university. They encounter Geb, the scholar from their first travels, who is persuaded to help them find books concerning Khamlira before Charon get him into trouble for doing so.

Soon a ship sails with destination Gathar and the journey goes smooth except for Charon suffering a small dose of boredom. As no one in Gathar expect their arrival they find themselves rather confused in this strange city but soon manage to get a carriage and travel to the palace where the servants desperately tries to convey a positive image of their province to the two seneschals.

The mages have time for a quick visit to the local wizard house, where they discretely borrow a few books, as Jannis gets them a ship that will take them to Khamlira. They leave the city on the following day and after several days at sea they finally get to lay their eyes on the impressive fortifications surrounding the city of Meglorosa.

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