Thursday, February 20, 2014

Age of Knowledge - The World Beyond

"As the explorers of the Age of Knowledge travel further and farther it’s becoming obvious that the world is not limited to what was known during the Age of Steel. Exploring the Aezhen Sea and recolonizing the old land of Zhengdi, travelers have discovered more islands and coastline to the southeast, inhabited solely by Waipuku people, and have named the land after them. Ships from Cenovar have traveled north, mapping the coast of the Northlands and revealing vast lands previously unknown. And journeying from Duiden, men have also rediscovered the old elven homelands of Numerathi and Andori, much to the delight of Gothic scholars. A few ships have sailed even further west, bringing back news of the distant cities of the Era Empire."

Check out the updated section in the Age of Knowledge rule book, available from the download page!

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