Monday, January 1, 2018

LinCon 2018: The Message

Time for another update on preparations for LinCon 2018. The idea for next year is to host one adventure for each age. Standard roleplaying but each adventure introducing a campaign which will be available for download after the event. That said the intention is of course that it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone experience.

Second adventure is for the Age of Knowledge and is called The Message:

The pleasant journey on the train felt far away as the scenery of the grand Merdonia station was shifted towards the narrow streets of Merdun’s Novella district. It hadn’t yet acquired the true grime of the city but there were already signs that the polished facades wouldn’t stay new for very long. Inquisitor Cathrine hadn’t been very clear on why she had sent you here, but thankfully her local informant had provided some more worthwhile information. There had been some… disturbances. Killings even. But it was senseless actions – regretted as soon as they were done. Why was it happening? It smelled like sorcery and if so it was doubtful that the local police would be able to get to the bottom of that question. But if anyone could it was the agents of the inquisition. That meant you – and the others of course. You looked around at your companions; it had been some time since last time. Indeed, this could get interesting…

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