Monday, January 22, 2018

LinCon 2018: The Great Escape

And so for the last LinCon adventure: named the Great Escape, which takes place in the Age of Steel. As with the other two adventures this is a standard roleplaying scenario which also serves to introduce a campaign, which will be available for download after the event.

A light rain fell over the shoddy huts that made up the miners’ camp. It was so early that it was almost dark with only the fires from the watchtowers burning brightly, sheltered under their roofs. But still you got up, donned your miner’s gear and headed for the shafts. It wasn’t that you longed to swing your pickaxe; this meeting has been decided the day before. The ever-present guards didn’t question you, though you did notice them writing something in their books. Climbing down the rope ladders you reached one of the middle shafts. Down here it would have been completely dark if it wasn’t for the lanterns. Careful, as not to drop down the big shaft which continued for quite a while longer, you climbed onto the wooden platform that took you into the tunnel. The meeting was set to be further in. They said one miner died for every 5 meters of tunnel. You counted 10 lives before you saw the others. Words could travel far in the tunnels and even though the guards rarely came down into the mine there were others who could be listening. And what you were about to speak of could certainly get you in trouble. It was the beginning of a plan. A plan for escape.

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