Friday, November 25, 2016

Kragor the Merc: Showdown

There was some serious fire going on, indicating Juron had joined the fight. However, there were an explosion at the roof of one of the buildings where Lucas should've been and the heavy mounted gun sprayed the facade. There wasn't time to think about him though; Erza stormed out but went down hard as she ran into the two shotgun-armed combators I'd just evaded. As she fell next to our get-away vehicle it was all or nothing to get her safe; I lobbed yet another grenade and rushed forward as soon as I heard the blast... one of the bastards had gone but the other had taken the hit and I slammed him into the ground with my shotgun. A moment later the back door of the hover opened and I saw the barrel of a gun... I felt a sharp pain in my chest as I threw myself out of the way, only to be followed by a second hit to my ass - this was not going according to plan. You've been shot twice in the butt you stupid orc...

Out of nowhere Ed came calling - haven't been so glad to hear his voice anytime I can remember. I got a quick patch but in the end all we could do was to bail. I was injured but holding together; Erza was worse and after a small detour we managed to meet up with Lucas and Juron - the latter also seriously injured.

So, this was our time to fall... I've been through this a couple of times and if there's one thing I've learned about when the shit hits the fan is that its a good idea to not go where you're expected to go. So I called on old pal Richard Zima to have him fly us over to an open hospital. Rosina's good but there would be way too many questions. On route to our pick-up point we were chased by a response vehicle which were probably out looking for us. I cursed myself for letting Ed do the driving but there really wasn't anything to do about it. At this point the world just went mad. Angeline opened the back door and jumped out with a grenade. I didn't really see it, but there was an explosion, the pursuing vehicle went over... and Angeline was gone. Ed just pulled the breaks and ran towards the smoke but it wouldn't do any difference. I took the driver's seat and the others pulled him back in. A few minutes later Zima dropped us of at a hospital at the other end of town.

After the medics had dealt with the most critical injuries they wanted to send us back to Freelance as that was required by our insurance. I had my mind set on getting the fuck out of the way even if it meant paying for some healthcare on site, but Juron didn't catch my drift and there was just no way to explain it where we stood. Instead we all ended up in a waiting room as Erza was prepared to be transported to Rosina for surgery. There was a discussion on what to do next but everyone seemed to expect me to have all the answers. Fuck that; I take things like this one step at a time and right now I want to get the hell away from everyone that's probably looking for us right now. What we'll do tomorrow is a problem we can solve when we know we have a tomorrow to care about. It finally seemed as I reached Ed and he started to pull some strings - me, I'd used up what favors I got just to get us here. In the end Lucas too decided to hide away while Juron was set on heading back to Freelance. It bothered be I couldn't get heads or tails from the man as to his reasons. I was so tired of people not pulling in the same direction until I remembered that damn biomod we'd gotten a few months ago. It must be what's messing with my head. It wasn't my responsibility after all; I had to take care of my own hide. Erza would get the surgery she needed and Juron... well it was probably better for us to have him someplace else. At least the arbitrators wouldn't be looking for us, leaving only Ultra and possibly the Clans.

So me, Ed and Lucas left the hospital and took a cab. We were spotted but what the fuck could we do? Ed had arranged for that grumpy dwarf Grandpa to provide us with a temporary lodging. Boy was he glad to see us! No, no, he wasn't. Its a strange thing to see so much anger coiled together in a person that small. Well, we got served some food and Ed was just about to pick some shrapnel out of my ass when it knocked on the door. Had they found us already? I cursed the world for letting this happen when I had my pants around my knees, but I was too tired to argue. Let them come.

It wasn't them. It was a stranger - with a job offer. Since when did you get people hunting you down to offer you work after you'd just been steamrolled by corp security? Well, you'd better give me some answers stranger or I'll shove that job of yours up your ass along with a full blast of shotgun shrapnel. And no, I'm not in a bad mood dammit!

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