Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kragor the Merc: Wolf Splice

I've been working for Freelance Inc for almost 7 years now. Its been a bumpy ride. As far as Fringe collectives go they're ok. You get as many milk-runs as you want and the occasional death-trap thrown in for the fun. And you get the opportunity to team up - which is always good if you want to go after bigger money. Tried it for a while until my squadmates got stupid and got themselves killed. Been running solo since, but past forty and twenty years in the business it gets a bit dull. So I decided to sign up for a new team that commander Elizah is putting together. Apparently there is some biomod stuff they wanted to test on us - think it's called a wolf splice.

So I got a list of four names and started asking around a bit. Angeline is a young girl who just signed up with us. Scout or scav she's naïve from head to toe but at least that means you know where you've got her. Didn't find much on the others apart from a guy named 'Ed'. Medic with a bit of a reputation it seems for running headlong into danger. That could be interesting.

While everyone was rolling into town I decided to check out Ed who apparently knows some old dwarf geezer who runs a bar in town. Got there and checked him out and he seemed like the typical street kid to me; good shape, good looks and no discipline in sight. It was quite obvious we wouldn't get along so why try?

Eventually I got to see the rest of the crew: Lucas and Juron. Both gave a military impression which suited me just fine - time will show if they have the brains to think on their own when it is required. Elizah had Rosina - the Freelance medic - administer the biomod after which I think she had expected us to socialize and get to know each other for the rest of the day. Fortunately a client showed up and we got picked for a delivery job within the hour. So it was pack your stuff and get going - I didn't complain: no better way to learn about people than seeing them in action.

The job itself, get a jeep and a terradyne with some mining shit out to a destination in the wilds, was straight and simple. Didn't push the salary thinking we'd better start slow and easy. In the end I regretted that decision.  Not that we didn't deliver, but well, it could have gone smoother. Angeline did the worst mud-slide I've seen while managing not to crash the jeep. Cost us close to an hour but we could afford it. Then to the fucking, stupid shitty thing where these humans have managed to crash their cart in the middle of the road. Fine, shit happens. But then suddenly I have three teammates trying to help them fix the damn cart. I swear Ed was trying to play doctor with the horse. Only Lucas seemed to have some business-sense, but it wasn't like he was helping the situation. I really don't see how anyone can survive in the Fringe if they'll stop and help any sad case they happen upon along the road?
In the end we pushed the cart out of the way and continued about or business. It was the same result just that it took the others about an hour to figure it out. Luckily we still delivered on time and as usual the journey home was smooth.

The funny thing was the biomod we got. I think it messed with my head somehow. It was how we were doing everything. I don't get it at all, but it feels like this is just the beginning. But if I'm gonna help these softies to harden up to the Fringe climate I must get myself into shape. Its gonna be hard work. And a lot of pain. At least it seems that Ed might be picking up the torch and try to be a leader. Good I say - for I don't want to be held responsible for any decisions to help old women over the road or to save the burning orphanage. Business is business.

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