Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 13

After the chock wear off Charon, Thriatos, Jannis, Nohen and Sarissa watched from a distance how the trolls brought forth various gifts - handcrafted items by the look of it - to the dragon. Among the many items they spotted the dagger given by Thriatos to the troll king as part of their arrangement.

Suddenly without a word and to the suprise of the others the seneschals started walking down towards the dragon. The trolls stood up as they passed and for a short moment they appeared before the dragon, but no words could be heard. The meeting was quickly over and after a night's troubled sleep they resumed the journey South on which they had originally set out.

They managed to cross the nothern desert of Menokh with little trouble and arrived in the town of Baava, situated by Lake Jecca. Several baths and a new set of clothes later the group catch a barge heading South and after several days of travel with only a short stop in the city of Ebrion they reach the capital of Amoros. Long overdue, they split up as each has their own businesses to attend to.

Charon and Thriatos head to consul Seneca, who is much pleased with their success despite the trouble which have rised in Ossaria. As a reward he grants the seneschals his country estate to use at their leisure. As they are about to leave Sarissa shows up and they decide to take her on as a laboratory assistant.

The three leave for the estate on the following day and are greated by the consul's nephew Constance who gives them a tour. Two more characters are introduced: former griffon rider Julius and the seneschals old aquiantance Geb - who lost his employment at the university but who has been hired to manage the consul's private library at the estate.

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