Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 11

Jannis is having a rough time in Meglorosa, and hunted by a blood-thristy mob he takes refuge on the rooftops where he spends the night. Feeling down concerning his future prospects he suddently gets a magical message from Thriatos stating that they are leaving the city for Kemdun. Jannis hurries to the port and while too late to join the others he manages to find another vessel heading to the same destination.

In Kemdun Thriatos, Charon, Nohen and Sarissa are making their way to the palace. Jannis arrives in time to see them head off in a coach and manage to catch up with them in the heart of the city. The seneschals have a short meeting with the city's ruler and are given quarters in the imperial administration's embassy.

During their journey to Kemdun Thriatos and Charon have learned about a magical site, up in the mountains separating Khamlira from the imperial heartlands. As their plan is to find a way home though the mountains they include researching the site as a task on the road. After a good meal they set about gathering supplies and information for the journey. Nohen and Jannis explores the city's market while the seneschals and Sarissa meet with grandmaster Kabala Shor of the local wizard house. Kabala is however unable to help them, beyond providing them with the local name for the site - the Storm Eye.

As the evening approaches Charon and Thriatos takes refuge in their books while Jannis drags the others along for some gambling and drinking. After a little bit too much of both Jannis is left alone, but tries to keep his spirits high until he staggers home after midnight.

Thus it is no pleasant news when the mages announce in the following morning that they indend for the party to leave, immediately. Not taking no for an answer they soon head into the jungles of Khamlira on a barge loaded with camels and food for several weeks. The journey is swift and relatively pleasant along the river and three days later they land in a small native village from which they are to continue on foot. Despite the Heavy vegetation they manage to reach the edge of the jungle the following day and mount their camels as the way is getting steeper the closer they get to the mountains.

Thanks to information gathered by Nohen and Jannis at Kemdun's market they are able to find an oasis where they could set up camp. Apart fromt the group a large herd of wild camels also lingered there, but despite good efforts neither Nohen nor Jannis managed to capture any and they where left alone.

They continued up the mountains on the following day but after Nohen's camel got injured they were forced to look for shelter to rest. They found a cave with a small stream and after determining it contained no lions or other unpleasant surprises they set up camp. From the mouth of the cave it was now possible to view a valley to the south and from a nearby ridge they could see a massive tornado spinning in it's center. The column of red, dusty smoke rose several kilometers into the air but while spinning frenzily it did not move from its current location. Charon and Thriatos agreed this must be the Storm Eye.

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