Sunday, October 6, 2013

Characters: Praetor Iullus

The members of the Lord's Council, generals of the Imperial army, are known as Praetors. The position requires not only military skill but also sufficient personal resources as a Praetor is expected to cover some of the expenses of the army from his or her personal coffins. The post however conveys much political power and a chance for both fame and glory leading the Imperial legions.

Iullus is skillful general with experience from a number of campaigns dealing with local warlords and trollfolk in the southern reaches of the Emhan Sea. Exceptionally young for a man of his standing, Iullus inherited his post after his father who was allegedly killed by a Tumapec arrow during a campaign. Holding the post of Prefect at the time, he quickly grasped the empty seat and due to his charisma and reputation for personal bravery was quickly accepted by the legions. This ability to seize political opportunities has been a hallmark in Iullus career and he has been praised for his good results defending the Empire.

As Praetor, Iullus commands two full legions with a total strength of 10’000 soldiers, with the bulk being heavy infantry. A vast horde of camp followers and the large Marculus family estate has also provided him with additional resources.

Iullus latest move has earned him less praise as he, on his own accord, confiscated the Imperial navy and set sail for the province of Ossaria to quell the increasing numbers of corsairs. As an illegitimate invasion of the province could spark a civil war the Lord’s Council initially supported his actions with the hope of putting Iullus on trial upon his return. The young Praetor however managed to convince his army – and more importantly the navy – to stay put in Ossaria and set up his own administration replacing that of previous Ossarian governor Agricola Venakh.


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