Friday, October 4, 2013

Characters: Consul Seneca

The members of the Council of Mages, leaders of the Empire's mages, are known as consuls. The position requires political savy as well as magical skill but the power and prestige granted is a lure for many. There are nine consuls in total, with a tenth chair reserved in the Council's circle for the Emperor himself.

Seneca is an experienced politician who has been one of the Empire’s prominent citizens for a long time. Many see him as aspiring and ambitious, but without doubt the Empire needs such men as long as they remain loyal. And Seneca’s loyalty is rarely in question – to him he is the Empire. Long ago he was a skillful battlemage and he is most skilled at biomancy and enchantment. When his body could no longer perform the feats of its youth he instead focused on abjuration and evocation. Seneca always requires things to be done in his way and he loves to outdo his fellow consuls. To this end he often keeps the other consuls blind as to his plans, which has gained him many enemies over the years. But his popularity with the emperor along with his warrior past means he is no foe to be taken lightly.

Seneca prefers to surround himself with the best of the best as this associates their fame with him. He has a very extensive network of spies, a private army of around two hundred mercenaries and several mages working as his protégés. But with all the strong willed people in his entourage Seneca is less in command than what he knows.


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