Monday, October 7, 2013

Characters: Killian Drake

The semi-successful adventurer Killian Drake is a famous character on the northern continent. A dashing man not too skilled at hiding excitement or disappointment, Killian has moved into his early thirties but show no intent of quitting his chosen career. Well-travelled and well-spoken the quests he has undertaken has all been stories with two sides: on one side he was the one who found the treasure of the abandoned orcish temple in Erwodol, but on the other he was also the one who discovered that the temple wasn’t abandoned and that some things that lurks in darkness are best left alone.

However, due to his quite astonishing skill of persuasion and twisting a story he is in no short supply of work and his persona is surrounded by glorious tales of adventure and treasures. Only a few malicious rumors, started by ex-companions (they don’t seem to stay for long), hint at a different truth. Killian is not too happy discussing such things but would never lose his face over a simple conversation. He was last known to leave on the adventure to search for the lost dwarven city of Ulmaar. Those that know him agree he will likely find it, along with the horrors most certainly awaiting him inside.

Part of Age of Steel: Characters.

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