Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Roleplaying Example, Part 7

As walking corpses are about to surround the adventurers in the desert tomb battlemage Isani decides it is time to make use of her magical powers.

As the undead approach Isani decides the Spell ‘Ward against Undead’ is extremely appropriate. The Spell is from the Biomancy school and has a level of 2, so Isani makes an Easy Test against Biomancy. The Test is successful and Isani erects the ward, and in doing so acquires +2 Fatigue. The undead halts at the borders of the ward, unable to progress any further.

Robert: “Good call, but now we’re surrounded.”
Lucas: “We need to act. Undead will never grow hungry or weary, they will simply wait until we  succumb to thirst or hunger.”
Elisabeth: “We’re going to die in here!”
Sara: “Calm down, Aida! I have a few more Spells up my sleeve.”

Isani decides to use the Spell ‘Explosion’ from the Evocation School which she aims at the zombies blocking the exit. This Spell is of level 4 and inflicts 6d10B Damage. Isani succeed with her Test and rolls 50 Damage. Using the Group rules Daniel notes that the explosive Damage should be multiplied by the Spells Blast quality, increasing it to 250 as the undead zombies has no armor. Each zombie has 36 Hit Points and, as Blunt Damage inflicts the same amount of Trauma for zombies, Isani brings down 6 zombies with her Spell.

Daniel describes how the massive force shakes the corridor and rips the zombies apart. The group now has a path through and Isani gives the order to make a run for it, before the zombies manage to close their ranks. They sprint for it and manages to get out of the tomb in a few minutes. For their strenuous run Daniel gives them +5 Fatigue.

Isani has now accumulated 11 Fatigue and is Lightly Strained. She decides to use a Potion of Rejuvenation and loses all her Fatigue. This requires her to make a Very Easy Test against TOU to resist any side effects, at which she succeeds.

The group comes together do discuss how they should proceed in their quest. This tutorial though has come to an end. The story is however continued in the Core Rules book.

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