Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Roleplaying Example, Part 1

This example is an extract from the Centuria Core Rule Book.

The Campaign

Daniel has been roleplaying for some time, mostly as a player in another roleplaying game, but has decided he wants to try to be a Game Master. He has read through the Centuria core rules and decided he wants to try to make a campaign from scratch.
He invents a story where a cabal of mages has been intriguing against each other to become the first to find the fabled artifact known as the Necromancer’s Stone. One of these mages has in secret arranged for a group of adventurers to travel to a tomb where the mage believe the stone to be kept. He has done this without alerting the adventurers as to his identity. To them he claims he is a scholar and that his interest in the tomb is purely academic. He does not mention anything about the stone. The mage’s plan is to send an experienced assassin after the group who will try to steal the stone if they were to retrieve it form the tomb.
Once he has his main plot complete Daniel thinks a bit on the main locations of the adventure. He places the whole campaign in the desert environment of the northern Empire. He imagines the adventurers will be hired in a city, there’ll be a road covered by bandits leading to the tomb and there will be the tomb itself.
He draws up a quick map of the city and invents a couple of residents which might be interesting for the campaign. He also prepares a map of the tomb and inserts a couple of different enemies, mostly undead like zombies or mummies. As he does want to provide some alternative routes he also invents a secret entrance into the tomb which will take the characters past much of the tombs guardians.
Content with this he sets out to find a group of players.

The Characters

Daniel has convinced his four friends Sara, Lucas, Robert and Elisabeth to try out the roleplaying campaign that he has invented.
Sara and Lucas have been roleplaying before so Daniel talks to them about what kind of characters they wish to play to see if they could fit into the adventure. Sara would prefer to play a mage or perhaps a warrior, while Lucas has his mind set on a more scholarly character. Since the adventure is rather action oriented he suggests Lucas can play a monk, which is a learned character who still has a lot of proficiencies which might come in handy in other situations. Lucas is happy with this so Daniel no focuses on Sara. Daniel suggests that Sara could perhaps combine her intended careers and play a battlemage. This suits Sara fine so Daniel move on to help Robert and Elisabeth.
For Robert and Elisabeth Daniel decides it is best that he helps them along. As Robert is more of a silent type Daniel suggests he play a mercenary, which is not necessarily a very talkative sort. While Robert will still have the opportunity to converse as he sees fit this gives him the option of observing the game for a while as his character tags along until he feels he understand how most things work. Robert likes this idea as he is used to computer games and enjoys to play a skilled fighter.
Elisabeth is more of a talker than Robert but perhaps less of a gamer. Daniel suggests she take on the challenge of playing as a thief as it is a sort of character which will likely engage in much conversation of one sort or another and also because it would be a valuable asset to the group. Elisabeth is ok with this and Daniel is happy as it will be rather easy to explain why the different characters have come together as their occupations and skills complement each other admirably.     

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