Monday, June 10, 2013

A Roleplaying Example, Part 2

As both Robert and Elisabeth are new to roleplaying Daniel helps them with their characters. While Daniel himself finds the process rather fun he knows it can be a bit tedious so he asks his players if he should roll their characters or if they want to do it themselves. Sara and Robert wants to go through the process themselves so Daniel lets them try on their own while he helps Lucas and Elisabeth with their characaters.

As all are new to the system Daniel is not very strict on imposing rules and conditions on the characters as he wants everyone to like the character they are playing.

In the end the group has created four characters: Isani the Battlemage, Larcus the Monk, Tyrian the Mercenary and Aida the Thief. Daniel has decided that Isani should be the group leader as her profession as a battlemage is the highest status in the group. Daniel has explained to Sara that her character has been hired to find and explore a tomb in the mountains to the north and to assemble a small group for doing so.

Together with the players Daniel decides that Isani and Larcus are old friends who have spent some time studying together. Isani have also met Tyrian during a shorter campaign against a nearby tribe of goblins and Aida was caught stealing by Isani and has been forced to join the group to avoid severe punishment.

Starting to play

With all set to go Daniel gives a short monologue where he describes the city they are all currently in and also the market square at which they currently are. He adds to Robert and Elisabeth that he now expects them to act as their characters but if they want to ask or do something outside of the game they just have to say so.

Daniel begins by asking each player to describe his or her character to the other players. Once this is done he asks Isani what she wants to do.
Sara: “Well, I start by greeting everyone and explain about our mission”.
Lucas: “Are you paying us?”
Sara looks at Daniel.
Sara: “Am I?”
Daniel: “The reward you’ve been offered is after the tomb has been explored. You have only asked your fellow adventurers to come here – it’s up to you if you want to pay them.”
Sara: “I don’t have very much money…”
Robert: “My character would expect to be paid in advance for a mission like this.”

Eventually Robert, Lucas and Sara agree on a salary which Sara’s character pays from her private funds. Since Elisabeth’s character Aida is forced to join she doesn’t get any pay.

Isani sends Larcus to buy supplies for their journey as he is the most skilled barterer. They also want to rent horses for Larcus and Aida so they don’t have to walk. After this task has been completed the group will be set and ready to embark on their first quest!

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