Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 59

In Sunn a council meeting is held during which the mages and undead get to meet some of the city's most influential characters; there's pasha Karim who officially runs the city, grandmaster Fal-Adar of house Somari, magistratos Nero to represent the goverment in Miramasa and colonel Galeo who leads the pasha's men.

The council first and foremost wants to know who is attacking the city and why. Having agreed to tell as little as possible but still appearing helpful, Zantana explains that a powerful lich is behind the recent attack but that his purpose is unknown. They do add that regardless the people living in the city are not regarded as important and will likely be killed if possible to add to the undead host. Asked about the opposing foe Kael suggests they face an army of perhaps a thousand zombies, though Azela adds that numbers is not necessarily the creature's most dangerous asset. Several greater undead are likely to accompany the army who will influence a battle far more than any human commander would.

Nero attempts to scrutinize the group and their connection but gets overruled as Zantana suggests the matters at hand are most important and must be dealt with immediately. Colonel Galeo have received news that the undead have stopped outside a castle between Lao-Din and Javibara. Fal-Adar mentions that the castle is in the hands of the mages of Lao-Din, so should be safe for the moment. Asked about the best course of action the group suggests to the council that a strike against the leadership might prevent an all out battle if done before the undead army marches north. The council approves of such a plan, but Gamaral adds that no ordinary assassins will stand a chance against the lich. The council concludes that most battle mages are occupied in the war against the Empire and without them a direct assult is not likely to succeed. Gamaral then suggests a bait might be a possible option and when asked what could lure the lich in the Group narrowly escape having to tell the council about the hidden orb. As much time has passed the question as what to do is postponed to the following day.

While Valerian and Sikra are given rooms at the palace the undead head out into the city. As they no longer gain money from duing business with Merga, their true allegiences exposed, they hire some men to go on an expedition west to try to establish some new contacts. Also they receive a note from Rutgar Bloodaxe who wishes to see them as soon as possible. Hurrying to their set meeting spot at the old temple Rutgar appears and happily informs them that two of the city's crime lords have now been pushed out of business with one of them probably dead in the process. This gives him an excellent chance to make a grab for the city's underworld with Scintilla the Red Handed as his only opposition. He asks the undead to back him and after consideration they agree and offer him fifteen hundred gold - a very generous offer which Rutgar promises to repay over time.

Unaware of the struggle in the city's underworld the council meets again on the following day. Having had some time to discuss the matter the undead offers to lay an ambush for the lich - a plan which the council approves as it offers the group a chance to prove their loyalties without risking much for the defenders. A caravan is prepared to accompany them on their journey east.

As the caravan needs some time to assemble the group hurry to finish their current affairs in the city. As they prepare to leave they are contacted by Rutgar who informs them he has won the battle against Scintilla and will await their return to discuss the future.

It takes the companions three days to reach the city of Lao-Din. Greeted by pasha Jaccarin, grandmaster Kanadir and general-shah Malibudur it is a considerably less than hospitable reception. Initially treated more as servants than guests, grandmaster Kanadir eventually takes them aside and puts on a friendlier face. He is informed about their plan and appears quite willing to aid in any way he can if it means the besieged castle currently controlled by his men is not taken by the lich. Collecting as much information as possible, they all plan to leave on the following day. However, the night is also time well spent by the undead as Zantana manage to find/recover/steal an old recipe for holy water at the local temple.

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