Monday, February 9, 2015

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 52

Tired of not having a quiet night for quite some time, Charon, Horacio and Thriatos scoff at their assailant, who apparently is more interested in talking than attacking. This only increases their scornfullness and the man eventually present himself as Hartor, claiming to work for yet another stakeholder to the Necromancer's orb. Fed up with the constant politics the mages, rather truthfully, say that they no longer have it nor the means to recover it. Doubtful about this, Hartor offers to aid in bringing down Savvas in exchange for the orb, before disappearing into the night.

Finally managing a restful night's sleep, the three head out early on the next day together with Bocco's hastily assembled caravan. They travel for several days with the mages guiding the way and though questions are asked none are answered as it is made clear the men are there to do the job they've been paid for - not to ask questions. After three days of travel they reach the mountain pass to Menokh.

Waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of screams and flames the mages hurry up only to find the camp set on fire, the camels scattered and the men dead. The dragon, alongside a group of trolls, has decended upon the camp and spared none but them. Informing them the artifact they bought it are being sought after it instructs them to take it as far away as possible to the island of Leupthia in the south. They are told to establish their stronghold there instead of here in the mountains. Quite dishearted about their progress being tossed aside, Horacio tries to appeal for concluding their current business, but the dragon summons the soul of one of the dead to show them that spies has infiltrated their ranks. Their work in the North are no longer of any use. So yet again they must set out on an arduous journey across the Southlands.

Initially guided by the trolls, the wizards are left to their own device as they reach the arid coast north of Ossaria. Despite the dragon's unwillingness to let them conclude their business, they make sure the merchandise intended for the gremlins get delivered so not to fail their contract. They reason that apart from their initial delivery they actually didn't commit to any date for future deliveries...

After two Days journey along the coast they reach the town of Lhaf, one of the last strongholds of the Ossarian rebels. As they come from the north rather than the south they are welcomed into the city and briefed on the current situation. Apparently praetor Iullus holds the capital of Gathar and most of the southern parts of the province. Given this situation the rebels have a difficult time - which also applies to Charon, Horacio and Thriatos as this makes it very difficult for them to find a ship to take them to Leupthia. After asking around and spending some gold a helpful lieutenant among the rebel forces suggests they try at an inn in the city of Jamenbac further south. In Exchange he wants them to deliver a sealed document to a man staying at the inn. The mages agree and after a nights sleep continue south.

Arriving at Jamenbac the mages decides gold is a better option than answering any complicated questions so they bribe their way into the city. Finding the inn they deliver the sealed documents without any hassel and after speaking to the innkeeper they get directed to a captain Scaurus who might be able to help. Scaurus proves to be an accomodating man as his current enlistment with the Free Ossarian Fleet is not quite to his liking. At the price of a fair sum of gold he is more than willing to abandon the rather doomed enterprise of fighting the Imperial Navy and take them to Leupthia. As not to raise suspicions he suggests the mages are smuggled aboard during the night as the ship is scheduled for patrol duty in the following morning. While they agree to this, their well-developed sense of paranoia guides the mages to hiding Mergus among Scaurus' sailors, in case something goes wrong.

As night approaches a number of crates arrive to the inn, in which the mages - slightly reluctantly - place themselves. Carried through the city they are soon opened and they find themselves aboard the cargo hold of Scaurus' ship. As money switch owner the ship soon takes to sea and the seven day journey to Leupthia begins. It is a day with fine, if warm, weather and light winds that the ship finally anchors in the harbor of Neddam. For Charon and Thriatos it is the first visit on the Island in their lives. For Horacio it is home.

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