Thursday, December 11, 2014

Don't miss the Centuria Generator!

A small update for the Centuria Generator has just been released (you'll find it linked from the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner, hidden under Resources, or by following the link).

So basically the Random Name Generator and Random Business Generator has become more prominent features by prompting a select option from the start page (don't miss out on the Age option!). While character generation hasn't changed both the random generators have been updated. The Random Business Generator has recieved a major addon in the form of businesses for the Age of Information - look at the site banner to know for which age you are currently generating!

There should be enough combinations for a couple of thousand businesses in there, and add the fact that abbreviations are randomly created you're unlikely to get the same result very often. Of course, the abbreviations can produce some amusing results but at least the most common curses and filtered words have been excluded...

Moving on to the Random Name Generator the only addon is a "nickname" option which is available only for the Age of Information. Checking this option adds a nickname to each character name generated - the combinations are slightly limited at the moment but will surely grow with time.

And that was all that was new this time, please enjoy!

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