Monday, October 13, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 41

In the city of Aztoth, Zantana has learned her new contact is a mage called Merga and she tries to learn more about him. Similarly, Azela learns a large force of King's Blades is assembling for a journey north. Neither learns much from their inquiries but are instead met with news from Kael that Geb has been taken away by the emperor's guard to research the orb in a secure location and that they should continue the mission in the human lands on their own. Mingone shows up briefly to make sure they are on their way as he too must leave and wants to make sure there are no delays to the lich-king's plans.

Assembling a small group of lesser undead they start to make their way back to the city of Sunn. After a restless journey they reach the human lands and decide it is time to start acting human to avoid any unwanted attention. Zantana, having recieved a magical ring from Merga to mask her disfigured face is reluctant to use it - preferring the old fasioned way of using a veil. Settling in at an inn in the town of Javibara, Zantana is posing as a servant of Kael which eventually places her in a bath together with some of the servants working at the establishment. This goes well until her veil is accidentally removed and the other servants flee in terror from her ghastly appearance. Learning of this, the innkeeper tries to ask Kael about their servant in the most diplomatic way possible, but Zantana appears and convinces him that the servants have exaggerated the story. She and Azela then head out into the town to pick up on recent news and rumors.

With the aid of a magical telescope Azela notice a shapeless creature - almost invisible to the naked eye - following her. She is however unable to approach the creature as it seems to dissappear. She discusses the event with Kael who, unfortunately, have little knowledge about strange creatures or magic and is unable to offer any advice.

Zantana finds herself in the company of subashi Daccarim, commander of a fort located outside the city, after having charmed her way into a tavern housing some of the more wealthy members of the town. Daccarim appears to be mainly occupied by himself and his happy to tell about his influence in the city, especially how the war has made him the most powerful man in the town right now. They go on to more intimate talking, but when it comes to the actual seduction the fact that Zantana's body is, well, dead cause some serious complications. The commander is too embarrased by the situation to ask any questions but Zantana herself is also disturbed by the event and in her frustration manage to seduce the innkeeper of the inn where they are staying who, possibly due to quite a large amount of alcohol, have few objections.

The party continue their journey on the following day and it takes them four days to reach Sunn. Arriving in the afternoon, they decide that a library would be a good place to start looking looking for the remaining orbs and Azela and Zantana set out to find one while Kael heads out to check up on the wares they left a few weeks ago. The citizens of Sunn are not very accomodating to questions and when Kael discovers that their merchandise have been stolen they change their plan. Zantana heads out to find an inn where they can meet up later while Kael and Azela head of to find the merchant responsible after Kael learned his adress from placing a clerk against the wall (literally).

Making their way to the middle class quarters as nightfall is approaching, Kael smashes the door of the house as soon as they arrive and Azela hurry in and capture the merchant before he has any chance to act. As the goods are already sold all the merchant can do is to offer them money as a compensation. Kael insists on a hefty price tag and the merchant reluctantly agrees as he has little choice. Not having the full amount at home, they take what he has and he promise to deliver the rest first thing in the morning. The undead agree to this as they intend to keep an eye on him anyway.

The three meet up back at the inn where Zantana as arranged rooms for the night - and also made the transformation from servant to lady. Kael and Azela thus finds themselves acting as servants for their companion, with little option to discuss the matter without rising suspicions.

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