Saturday, April 3, 2021


 Julian was driving thorugh the city on his mono-bike. During the nighttime the traffic didn't seem as dense as during the day, but it was still there.
Nowadays the cities seemed to never sleep, always to be busy...
Well one good thing with had been the notice that the robotic archive had been installed in the warehouse.
Vespian had been busy but Julian had at least managed to get Mehred out and to meet him at his warehouse.
The feel of combining the old books, all the old knowledge and to preserve it with new technology almost made Julian feel young again.
Getting out of the most busy areas and the worst noise Julian activated the most basic heightened senses and speed up the monobike. While he himself moved faster it seemed like the world around slowed down. All the stress and bustle melting away, somehow returning back the the old slow tempo. Sometimes he missed the old times...

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