Monday, April 5, 2021

Encounter at the Ball

 “I am going with someone to the ball!” Adelia said while the tailor was adjusting the dress.
“What?” Lily quickly turned herself towards her friend. The unexpected movement made her own tailor flinch. Who narrowly avoided to put the needle in her customers back.
“Please, madame could you hold still?”
Lily however was to preoccupied to notice.
“Who is it? He better not hurt you or I will break his neck!!” She said in a rather protective voice. Adelia however just gave her a mischievous smile.
“Well you will find out soon enough aren’t you?”
Lily looked like she was about to say something more when a rather flamboyant dressed Arthur entered the room.
“Ahh, my ladies you looking radiant as ever!”
Lily’s mouth fell open, was it possible to have so many plumes and feathers in one hat?
“Well thank you Arthur, you’re looking rather dashing yourself!” Adelia said smiling broadly.
Arthur beamed and made a deep bow.
“So what’s the next stop ladies?”
“I need to go to the wig maker, I could need the opinion of your both. Since I never bought a wig before... but I don’t want to be recognized!” Lily said the last somewhat hesitantly.
“Ooh, who are you hiding from?” Adelia asked curiously, Arthur also looked on with a peeked interest.
Lily dragged out the answer before sighting and answering.
“My cousins!”

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