Thursday, August 8, 2019

The GM Diary

Its been quiet here on the blog for quite some time now, for various reasons. The spring got caught up in a prolonged attempt to get the Age of Information rule book printed. Succeeded just in time to have the book at this year's LinCon, so after that event there has been a need for some vacation (read: only weekly roleplaying without additional massive projects).

Well, though summer is not quite over yet there are some projects in the pipe. But these are extension modules and will take some time to complete, so I don't want to leave this space entirely untouched for that period of time. Thus I thought it a good idea to revisit some old adventures and campaigns that I've played as Game Master with the Centuria rules.

The idea is to give some insight behind the scenes; hopefully giving a good picture of why some of the design ideas behind Centuria are as they are (it is adapted mostly for Game Masters after all). But I'm also hoping to collect some stories from the people who were a part of these campaigns to share and enjoy.

You will find a full list of adventures I plan to write about at this page, though I will not write about them in the order that they appear.

If you have yourself acted as Game Master using the Centuria setting I would be delighted to hear and share your story as well!

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