Monday, May 12, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 22

As the current battle is over, the group decide they must quickly find Karachen before he can recover. They begin to search the house while Thriatos remain behind to investigate any magical traces.

Walking right into a magical trap and barely succeeding with closing the main doors for an advancing undead horde, they all proceed with caution within the manor. Charon believes himself to have located Karachen behind a heavy door and Nehana confirms that it is the mage's bedroom. The door is however magically reinforced and weapons seem to have little effect. Adding to the graveness of the situation they can hear Karachen begin some kind of ritual on the other side. While Charon, Thriatos and Sarissa battle the door with magic Ignatia discovers a group of undead attempting to open the main doors from inside. Together with Maladir and Horacio she manages to destroy them before they succeed.

As the door refuses to give, Maladir explores the castle in search for anything useful. He discover their missing guide dead along with three other corpses in the cellars. The idea to search the castle however dawns on the others as well and the mages manage to find a powerful dispel ritual in the library. They hurry back with the hope of completing their magic before Karachen does.

The ritual is completed but the door remains. Nehana then prove to possess unexpected powers as she erodes part of the door with her hands. Horacio bravely marsch first through the door and is attacked by a familiar. Maladir hurry to his aid while Charon attempt to get past, but as Thriatos manage to banish the demon they disrupt Karachen's ritual and before their eyes the mage is pulled screaming into a demonic portal, which closes.

After a moment gathering their wits the group engage in what could diplomatically be described as "securing resources". Except from his personal belongings they break into and empties the mage's treasury along with the library and laboratory. The lesser undead remaining on the estate no longer pose much of a threat and they negotiate with Karachen's revenant servants concerning their future. They eventually agree to join the seneschals as their servants.

As the group return to Lao-Din they are greated by Kanadir who lets them know he has sent for the mirror keeper of Sunn to aid the seneschals on their journey. He also officially declare them all as honorary members of his house and can thereby open the doors to the house's library and other facilities.

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